Women’s Sports Bras & Gym Bras

Workout Bras

Feel supported and stylish with our extensive range of sports bras. Whether you're logging miles on the treadmill or running track, going big in the weights room, or anything in between, you will find a range of different gym bras at Gymshark.

Gymshark Sports Bras

For total support and unbeatable comfort, our range of sports bras and sports bralettes has you covered. Soft stretch materials and an unrestricted fit give you the natural range of motion you need to obliterate your workout. We also have a range of colours available, from striking and bold to subtle and understated.

Here at Gymshark, you will find different kinds of workout bras available. For those softer, less intense activities like yoga, Pilates and walking, our low support or medium support sports bras just what you need. For more strenuous activities, HIIT and cardio workouts, and lifting, you will need a high support sports bra.

We also have a range of styles, from padded and long line to zip up and halter-neck. Your Gymshark sports bra or sports bralette will combine comfort and support with style.

Styling a Gym Bra

Styling a sports bra is so easy and effortless. Many of our workout bras and bralettes come with matching workout leggings. A gym top and hoodie will help complete your look.

Do I Need to Wear a Sports Bra for Workouts?

Whatever kind of exercise you are doing, it’s important to wear a sports bra over a regular bra when working out. Our sports bras are designed to keep you feeling secure and comfortable through every lift, squat and stride. Choose from three levels of support; a href="https://www.gymshark.com/collections/high-support-sports-bras/womens" title="high ">high, medium and low, so you can feel supported no matter what workout you are doing, whether that's a light jog or a HIIT class.

Can I Wear a Sports Bra All of the Time?

You can wear a gym bra all day as long as it fits well and offers the right level of support. After a workout, you should change your sports bra or sports bralette.

How Do I Know if My Sports Bra Fits Correctly?

Finding the best sports bra to support you is never easy, but it couldn't be more important. A well-fitted and supportive workout bra will reduce your chest's movement during a workout and minimise any impact to your breasts, making for a comfortable training session. Check out our sports bra sizing guide for more info.

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