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Low Support Sports Bras

Low Impact Sports Bras

What is a low impact sports bra?

Designed to be worn during low impact activities, a low support sports bra should be worn during workouts that don't involve lots of bounce or rigorous movement. A low impact sports bra has a more relaxed level of support than its mid- support and high- support counterparts.

When should I wear a low support sports bra?

Low impact sports bras are designed for less intense activities, such as yoga, Pilates, barre classes, lifting, and hiking. These are slower activities that won’t have a high impact on your breasts. Light support sports bras can be worn as part of your loungewear and on those days you just want to chill out and rest too.

What is the difference between low impact sports bras and high impact sports bras?

The key difference between low impact sports bras and high impact ones lies in the design. High impact sports bras are specifically designed for high impact activities that require bounce and lots of movement, such as jumping, running and HIIT workouts. Low support sports bras, however, offer a softer support. They should not be worn for rigorous activities.

Gymshark low impact sports bras

Choose from a variety of styles and colours. From thin straps to thicker straps, bold and bright to subtle and soft, halterneck to one shoulder, padded to non-padded, cupped to cup-less, we really do have a low support sports bra for everyone. Our low impact sports bras bring comfort and style together.

Styling a low support sports bra

Styling a low impact sports bra is so easy. Many of our light support sports bras have matching leggings and make the perfect cute little set. Throw on a hoodie or sweatshirt to layer up. Or, you can pair your low impact sports bra with some sweatpants on those days you really want to chill out.

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