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Dive into a world where comfort meets cool, and redefine your laid-back look with sweatpants that are all about keeping it real and relaxed. Whether you're crushing a tough workout or just hanging with friends, and whether you prefer them light and loose or slim and supportive, our gym joggers collection has you covered. Check out our full range of colours, cuts and styles below.

78 Products
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    Men's Joggers & Sweatpants

    Men’s Gym Sweatpants and Jogger Pants

    Men's joggers are a must-have staple in your wardrobe, it's a fact. Whether you're lounging about the house, popping out to the shops or psyching yourself up for a new PB - the chances are, you're probably rocking a pair of joggers. That's not something we take lightly. Our gym joggers are where style meets comfort.

    What’s the difference between jogger pants and sweatpants?

    The terms ‘joggers’ and ‘sweatpants’ are often referred to simultaneously. However, sweatpants tend to be a thicker material and a baggier fit, ideal for those rest days. Joggers tend to be made from thinner materials that allow you to stay cool during a workout and materials that offer breathability. Gym joggers tend to be more form-fitting.

    What’s the difference between jogger pants and track pants?

    Track pants are similar to joggers in terms of style. However, they tend to be made from polyester, as this is soft, comfortable and will remain wrinkle-free. Track pants are designed for athletic and track events more than gym workouts.

    Gymshark joggers

    Gymshark's collection of men's joggers offers an array of fits, styles and materials to suit your range of needs; be that breathable fabrics for running, soft cotton finishes for sofa days or tapered joggers that keep you ever on trend.

    On the days you want to squat, stretch and stride, trust in our men's sweatpants that have been crafted from lightweight, breathable and high-stretch fabrics. Alternatively, if you're taking a well-deserved rest day, discover tapered joggers that accentuate your physique effortlessly, with comfort at the forefront, always.

    Styling gym joggers

    It’s so easy to style a pair of sweatpants or joggers as they’re so versatile. Pair your gym joggers with your favourite gym top for an effortless workout look. Throw on a hoodie or sweatshirt to layer up. Swap out your t-shirt for a tank top or stringer on days you want to show off your pump. On warmer days, swap out your gym joggers for a pair of shorts.

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