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Women's Running Leggings

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For a versatile, comfortable and flexible fit, you'll be primed for a personal best when wearing our running leggings and running tights. Breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics keep you cool and comfy, whilst features such as elasticated waistbands stay fixed in place as you move. With flattering and stylish designs, you'll feel confident whether you're on a run or enjoying a post-run coffee.

9 Products
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    Women's Running Leggings

    Women’s Running Tights

    Update your running wardrobe with Gymshark running leggings and tights. Whatever kind of runner you are, whether you hit the track, treadmill or anything in between, our women’s running tights and leggings have you covered.

    Gymshark running leggings

    Designed for running all year round, our women’s running leggings are crafted with you in mind. Made to feel like a second skin, our breathable and sweat-wicking materials will keep you dry and comfortable during your run however hard you push yourself.

    It is good to run in leggings?

    Yes, it is good to run in leggings that are designed for the gym, physical activity and sports. It is not good to run in regular leggings as these are not made from the right materials and will distract you from your workout. Running leggings, however, have been designed for exactly that.

    What is the difference between running leggings and running tights?

    The key difference between running leggings and running tights is the material and its thickness. Running tights should be layered on top of as they’re thinner and are usually to aid muscle compression. Running leggings, however, are made from a thicker, stretchier material and can’t be layered.