Women's Oversized Hoodies

Oversized hoodies for women

Explore our collection of oversized hoodies for women, an essential for wearing to the gym and a streetwear staple. Our baggy hoodies combine functional materials with stylish designs, for the perfect hoodie for working out and chilling out in.

Our oversized hoodies can be worn all year round, choose from breathable and light materials which are ideal for throwing on in summer, to ultra-thick materials for getting cosy in the winter. Express yourself with a range of colours such as natural earthy tones or vibrant hues. Our variety of styles has something for everyone, from plain grey or black oversized hoodies to graphic oversized hoodies.

How to style an oversized hoodie for women

We recommend wearing our gym oversized hoodies in whatever way makes you feel most confident, so you can go into your workout feeling ready to smash your goals. Whether you choose to throw it over your sports bra to wear to and from the gym, you wear it as a pump cover to help you get warmed up quickly, or you wear it for the duration of your workout for a sweaty sesh. If you think you might find an oversized hoodie a little restrictive for some workouts, you may find some of our other hoodies and jackets more suitable.

Oversized hoodies are so on trend, they can be easily styled with a gilet and leggings or shorts for going on a coffee run or meeting friends for brunch. Our comfortable oversized hoodies can also be dressed down with a pair of joggers for a comfy rest day.

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