Your Flex Questions, Answered.


Your Flex Questions, Answered.


What Flex colours will be restocking?

The following Flex colours will be restocked today- Black/Black, Blueberry/Marine, Charcoal/Turquoise, Light Grey/Sherbert, Purple/Lilac and Sapphire/Light Grey.

How can I find out what size I need?

Check out our Find Your Fit article for an in depth look at Gymshark leggings, and what size you may need. 

You can also see our size guide, right here

How do they fit in size compared to Seamless?

The Flex are slightly less high waisted than the Seamless leggings, so be sure to measure just below your waist (the smallest area around your stomach), to ensure the perfect fit! The Flex are also longer in length. 

I bought last season’s Flex. Do I buy the same size?

Yes, for sure! The fit is still exactly the same. 

How much will they be?

The Flex are £32, €42 (EU/DE), $38 (US), $56 (AUS), $44 (ROW)

What time is the release for me?

The Flex leggings will be released at 3pm BST, which is UK time. We are currently working on a little something to make it easier for you next time! We appreciate your patience whilst we get this sorted.

Is the Flex sports bra padded?

It is indeed! The padding is also removable. 

Are they see through?

The Flex are totally squat proof when purchased in the correct size. 

What size is the model wearing?

Our model wears a size S. 

We hope this helps! Remember, the Flex Family will launch on Wednesday, the 27th of September (TODAY), at 3pm BST.

If you're feeling a little nostalgic, learn about the Flex leggings and their Gymshark journey here.


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