You can now get 3D, vegan ice cream at Starbucks

You can now get 3D, vegan ice cream at Starbucks


Starbucks is continuing to expand its vegan range, with selected LA stores now stocking superfood ice cream – Dream Pops, a plant-based confectionary start-up praised for their innovation by the likes of Google and Buzzfeed. 

These 3D ice creams come in a range of flavours such as Berry Dreams, Mango Rosemary, Coconut Latte and Vanilla Matcha. 

They also have the ‘Dream Flight’ pack, which includes all of the flavours, just in case you can’t decide. 

Not only are these ice creams totally plant-based and soy-free, but they’re also fewer than 100 calories each and contain only 7 grams of sugar (plus they only use coconut blossom sugar) – Instagram and macro-friendly, everyone’s a winner! 

They’re only available in 5 LA stores at the moment, but we’re hoping to start seeing more of the aesthetic, vegan treats. 

If you can’t wait, head over to their website and sign up for their subscription box to treat yourself to 10 Dream Pops every single month – the dream!

Which flavour would you go for? Or would you have to go for the ‘Dream Flight’ pack?  


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