Workout Music Of The Week | Usher, Nero, Drake and more...

Workout Music Of The Week | Usher, Nero, Drake and more...


Your weekly workout music fix is here straight from GSHQ.

Each week we give you five workout worthy songs for you to add to your workout playlist. We're big believers that workout music can take you through the barrier. Last set, best set, right? Take your training to the next level with these five workout songs...


Released: 22 April 2011 | Genre: Dubstep | Recommended Use: HIIT

Back in the height of the Dubstep scene, that seems to have now been viscously overtaken by the house, EDM and hip-hop genres, Nero were killing the Dubstep and electronic game. The London trio's debut album went straight to number one in the UK chart, with the Guilt music video racking in excess of 16.5m views on YouTube. From the start of your run to your last round on the assault bike. This track will get you through it.


Release Date: 08 September 2017 | Genre: Hip Hop | Recommended Use: Weightlifting / Pre-Game

Let's be real, G-Eazy, A$AP Rocky and Cardi B collaborating on a track was always going to be fire. Three lyrical geniuses backed up by a heavy hip-hop beat that will have you throwing the dumbbells across the gym in no time. And with 263m views, it's a track thats here to stay on your workout playlist.


Released: 06 April 2018 | Genre: Hip Hop | Recommended Use: Everything

If this hasn't been one of your workout music essentials since dropping in early 2018, where have you been?... Pleasing most crowds, Nice For What's catchy lyrics, upbeat tempo and feel good vibe will easily have you nodding your head in the weights room, or humming along on the treadmill. 


Released: 22 April 2014 | Genre: House | Recommended Use: Cardio / HIIT

You know that feeling you get at the end of a night out, when your legs are falling off and you may have had a little too much vodka?.. Then the DJ drops an absolute banger that takes you all the way through to closing hours? That's what this track will do to your workout.

From spin studio to hitting the pavement, this remix of Rita Ora's I Will Never Let You Down from Dutch Dj, R3hab, will help take your training one step further and help push your boundaries. No pain no gain, right!?


Released: 23 March 2014 | Genre: R&B | Recommended Use: Cardio / Cool-down

A real 00's classic, combining three huge names from the millennial era. If you don't know the lyrics, it's time to put that YouTube video on repeat. Yeah! dropped back in 2004, that's before YouTube was even created, and the music video has still racked up over 264m views. 

A simple beat, ushers smooth AF voice and input from Lil Jon & Ludacris, Yeah! is a track definitely best suited for some chilled out cardio, cool-down anyone?

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