Why you shouldn’t skip leg day

Why you shouldn’t skip leg day


Leg day - it's a bit of a love hate relationship, right?

Training our lower body muscles is an essential part of any successful training programme.

If you're guilty of throwing in an extra chest workout and skipping leg day, maybe it's time to fix up your workout routine...

Here are 5 reasons why you should never skip leg day

  1. Skipping leg day makes it harder to build muscles
  2. Leg day is essential for a balanced physique
  3. Skipping leg day makes you more prone to injury
  4. Leg day improves your functional skills
  5. Skipping leg day makes it harder to lose fat

Skipping leg day makes it harder to build muscle

According to some studies, training your lower body muscles can help speed up the release of growth hormones and testosterone because of the sheer size of the muscles. 

Leg day, therefore, helps to create an anabolic environment.

In other words, an environment that’s going to allow you to can make some serious gains. 

Leg day is essential for a balanced physique

Leg day might not be your favourite but spend all of your gym sessions building your upper body, and you’re going to find that you’re not only aesthetically uneven, but your muscular balance is way off. 

Leg day is therefore essential to get a balanced physique that can perform both in and outside the gym.

Skipping leg days makes you more prone to injury 

As mentioned before, if you’re skipping leg day then you’re not going to be building balanced muscles. When you have some muscles that are significantly stronger than others, you are more likely to overcompensate during exercise, which can cause injury

Make sure that when you are doing a leg day, you’re working all the different muscle groups (this goes for your upper body workouts as well)

Leg day improves your functional skills 

Leg day not only makes you look strong, but do it properly and leg day will help you BE strong.

Being able to move at optimal performance isn't just for athletes, we use our legs for everything from lifting boxes to walking up stairs. Making these day to day movements involves out lower body muscles to work in unity. Training legs will not only help improve strength and power, but also stability and efficient, reducing the chance of muscle trains and ankle strains in real life.

If you are an athlete, well, you shouldn't be even considering skipping leg day. The body responds extremely well to leg exercises, promoting increases in overall strength and speed; increasing your athleticism and making you a faster, more powerful athlete.

Skipping leg day makes it harder to lose fat 

Building muscle helps to speed up your metabolism, which subsequently enables you to burn fat. 

Studies have shown that exercise, and specifically the combination of both resistance training and endurance training haved a direct correlation with your basal metabolic rate (BMR), resulting in a more efficient metabolism (study). Having a higher BMR means your body requires more calories to function, the higher your BMR, the more calories you can eat while still losing weight/maintaining your current weight.

An increase in muscles mass increases your BMR. So, if you’re neglecting some of the biggest muscles in your body (your legs ands bum), not only is your workout time not being spent burning calories in the most efficient way, but you are also reducing the effectiveness of long-term fat loss.

This means no matter your goal, training legs is key to and improved BMR and can help reduced overall body fat and physical performance. That's a pretty good reason to never skip leg day.

It seems there is a lot of truth behind ‘never skip a leg day’. Looking for some leg day inspiration? Check out Megan Grubb’s lower body workout here. 

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