Why You Should Ditch the Scales


Why You Should Ditch the Scales


Let’s face it.

You absolutely smashed your workout, you’ve been eating clean for weeks and yet the scale still reads the same unfavourable number.

It must be broken…right?

Most would say no, but we’re a little more favourable to causing a bit of disruption and honestly, we think it’s about time that the scales were banished and removed from your daily routine.

Don’t believe us, take a little read below;

1. You’re allowing a piece of metal to dictate how you feel about yourself.

Need we say more?

Your mental attitude is just as important as your workout and honestly, you’re better than the number shown on the scales.

2. Scales aren’t as accurate as you think.

The human body is one incredible complex piece of machinery. As a result, your weight can fluctuate wildly due to hydration, sodium and even the clothes that you’re wearing.

Try taking progress pictures and setting goals which aren’t weight-oriented. You’ll begin to see the progression physically and with a much more positive mental attitude.

3. You’ve not reached a plateau, trust us.

Although that pesky scale doesn’t seem to be moving anymore, remember that fat loss will be replaced with muscle gain.

We know you look as good as you feel so, keep up the hard work and do yourself a favour, throw away the scales and embrace the body that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

So, what are you waiting for, you’ve got this, we know you do.


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