When is the best time to work out?

When is the best time to work out?


Let’s be honest, fitting exercise in can be tough! 

Most of us either get it out of the way before heading to work, squeeze it into our dinner breaks or hit up the gym afterwards. 

But does when you opt to train have an impact on your goals? Is there an optimum time to work out? 


A lot of people preach getting up early in the morning and smashing your workout before the pressures of the day get in the way.

Check out Dr Diamonds (pretty convincing) pitch on why you should get up at 5am every day here

There are some benefits to training first thing in the morning. 

First off, it will probably mean getting more sunlight, which can help to set your body’s internal circadian rhythm. 

Sorry, what? 

Basically, by circadian rhythm, we mean what keeps everything ticking nicely.

It can influence hormone release, what you eat and how you digest your food. Studies have shown that those who get 2 hours more sunlight tend to be able to manage their weight better due to this. 

Training in the morning also means you avoid any excuses that might pop up throughout the day, meaning that it might result in a more consistent exercise habit.

If you don’t keep snoozing your alarm that is… 

On your dinner break or after work

Dinner time  

Studies have shown that those who opt to go to the gym at dinner are less likely to develop consistent training habits; however, there are pros to training on your dinner break. 

When you first wake up in the morning, your body is a lot colder than it is by dinner time. 

This can have an impact on your training. Cold muscles are more at risk of injury and therefore waiting until dinner time will give your muscles a chance to warm up. 

In theory, this means stronger, more flexible muscles. 

It’s a similar story when it comes to your hormone levels

We all know that testosterone is essential when it comes to building muscle, but what you might not know is that the body produces more of it late afternoon. 

This might mean that hitting the gym at dinner isn’t such a bad idea – just make sure you’re saving dinner until after your workout. 


Training in the evening often gets fobbed off as being less productive than hitting the gym first thing in the morning; however, it might not be all bad. 

Research has shown that training in the evening has been associated with getting a better night’s sleep and, therefore, helping to improve your mood.

What’s the take away?

Studies have revealed that as long as you're consistent with your training, then your body will adapt to get the most from it. 

Ultimately, the most important part of working out is, well… actually working out. If you can only do it in the evening, or for a quick dinner session, that it is still better than not doing it at all. 


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