What To Do When You're Burnt Out | Mikayla Zazon


What To Do When You're Burnt Out | Mikayla Zazon


When I started actively creating the life I wanted, all I wanted to do was cram everything I could into one day, one week, one month, in order to achieve my “end goal”. 

Which at that time was to lose 15 pounds, whilst creating my own business, and going to college full time; if I could cram everything in to a short amount of time, I could get to my goals quickly, right? 

NOPE. I got burnt out, and I felt stuck. Which resulted in me not giving 100% in what I was trying to accomplish. Physically AND mentally. 

When I hit my breaking point, I could not focus on school, I could not bring myself to work on my business, I was too hungry to think because I was restricting food, and I couldn’t even bring myself to drive to the gym, because my body was too tired. Essentially, in a matter of 3 weeks, I trashed all the progress I had made.

So, how do you prevent that? What do you do when you’re burnt out?

1. Get honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you're showing up to the important parts of your life, the way you want to be.

2. Cut back on your workload

This is hard. You want to see progress, but there is truly no way of making progress in its truest form if you cannot show up 100%.

3. Take a step back, evaluate, and reflect on where you are. 

The only way we can reasonably decide what we want in the future, and how we’ll get there, is to know where we are right now. 

What is your job right now? Are you in school? How many days per week are you going to the gym? How are your friendships? What are your eating habits?

4. Write down your priorities, goals, and dreams. No seriously, get out a pen and paper and write them out. 

Don’t think of any as too outlandish or foolish—remember—you’re dreaming! Let your thoughts fly!

Get out of the “I can’t” mindset. Truly, anything is possible. You just need to plan, believe in yourself, and make it happen.

1. Make your goals SMART:

Specific. Measurable. ATTAINABLE. Realistic. Timely.

2. Lastly, give yourself some credit – When you are burnt out, give yourself time to heal. This will fuel your fire to start working hard again. This time, you have a plan to execute, and you can show up to life 100%.

Do not judge what you need. It is very easy to see others’ lives, what they are doing, and think, “well, she's doing that, I should do that too, if I want to feel happy” etc. 

If you honestly ask yourself what you need, and the answer is a brownie, a day off – girl, do it. Only YOU know what you need to recharge and move through the funk. 




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