What’s trending? | Autumn wellness trends according to Pinterest

What’s trending? | Autumn wellness trends according to Pinterest


According to Pinterest, Autumn is not only the season of pumpkin spiced lattes, but also the season of wellness. 

Here are the top health and wellness trends on Pinterest and how you can use them to live your best life. 

The rise of self-care 

The number of people searching for ‘self-care routines’ on Pinterest has increased by 140% since this time last year. 

This Autumn, more and more of us are looking for ways to add a little bit of self-care into our lives, whether that be through skincare, exercise or at home mediation (+48%). 

Bullet journaling has also seen a huge increase in popularity, shooting up 112% since last year. Not only are they aesthetic AF, but they’re also a great way to keep yourself organised and track your health and fitness goals. 

If you’re looking for a little bit of self-care motivation, head over to our ‘Quotes To Live By’ board – who doesn’t love an inspirational quote? 

Body and mind 

The number of Pinners looking at getting a healthy body as well as a healthy mind, has also shot up.

Over 63 million of us have been searching for exercises and a massive 340 million of us have been searching for healthy recipes. 

Yoga has become particularly Pinworthy over recent months! People searching for yoga wheels has increased by 72% and those searching for strength training has shot up by a massive 415% ready for Autumn. It looks like your wait for the squat rack might be getting a bit longer this Autumn. 

If you’re wanting to start adding more weight training into your programme, check out our ‘Workout Videos’ board for some inspiration from our athletes.

Switching up your wardrobe 

It seems that this year people are more eager than ever to switch up their wardrobe ready for the Autumn months. 

It’s not only over on Pinterest that people are loving Autumn fashion, but Instagram is also seeing an increase in #autumnwardrobe posts. 

If you’re looking at jumping on the bandwagon, head over to our ‘SS18: Womenswear’ and ‘SS18” Menswear’ boards to see all the new releases we are loving and get your wardrobe ready for the colder months. 


It seems that people are not only thinking about what they’re doing with their body but also what they’re putting in it. 

Pinners are becoming more and more interested in the plant-based diet, with searches for recipes with almond yoghurt increasing by 40% and moon milk searches increasing by 155%. 

Wellness is on the rise, and Pinterest is the place to be to see all of the recent health and fitness trends!

What have you been searching for over on Pinterest? 

Make sure you follow all of our boards and keep updated with what we’re getting up to. 

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