What is really in your bowl of granola?

What is really in your bowl of granola?


It is often considered a healthy breakfast option, but what is really in your bowl of granola? 

According to dietary guidelines put in place by the US government, your breakfast bowl should actually be considered as a dessert due to its high sugar content. 

In fact, there is so much sugar in some granola that you might as well be reaching for a slice of chocolate cake with your orange juice. 

Let’s take Tesco’s Super Berry Granola as an example. 

Just 50g of this contains 10g of sugar, which is the same as a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut! 

Excessive sugar in your diet comes with serious health risks, such as increased risk of obesity, high blood pressure and potential heart disease. 

This is not to say you have to avoid granola completely – as we know when it comes to food, everything is fine in moderation!

However, there are some things you might want to think about before reaching for your next granola bar. 

Don’t just assume it is a ‘healthy’ option 

You would be forgiven for just assuming that your granola was a healthy breakfast.

 However, double check the amount of sugar that is in there. 

If you’re looking for something healthy, you would be better going for a high protein breakfast that will not lead to the same spike in your blood sugar levels and keep you fuller for longer. 

Watch your portion size 

While you might have a whole bowl of cornflakes, granola is a lot higher in calories and sugar than your average breakfast cereal. 

Make sure you are controlling your portion size and not getting carried away, or you could end up consuming a lot more sugar (and calories) than you expected. 

Look out for the fat content 

It is not just sugar you need to be on the lookout for. 

While a lot of the fat in most granolas comes from unsaturated fats, they can add up. Watch out for the fat content before throwing some extra nuts or nut butters over to top! 

Are you surprised what is in your granola? Let us know in the comments your favourite breakfast. 

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