Weight Of The World | Jack Eyers

Weight Of The World | Jack Eyers


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When did your fitness journey begin?

I've always been into sport. I played football and rugby at primary school as well as competing in swimming and horse riding. I joined the school gym at 15. After I had my leg amputated in 2005 (age 16) I was introduced to Paralympic sports as a rehab tool. 

I Attended a number of talent camps for various sports (rowing, athletics and wheelchair basketball) I really enjoyed playing basketball and soon was invited to the GB Junior Wheelchair basketball training camps. I was also put onto (TASS) Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme at Bath Uni. After 4 years of playing basketball I decided that I wasn't ready for the commitment so turned my attention to other areas of life. 

In 2010 I qualified as a personal trainer - I moved to Bournemouth and set up a successful personal training business. I spent a lot of my spare time waterskiing, wakeboarding, open water swimming in the sea or lake and kayaking. My kayak club (Poole Harbor Canoe Club) received an email from British Canoeing saying they were looking for new talent with a projection towards Tokyo 2020. I decided to give it a go and attend a camp in Nottingham with British Canoeing. The sport gave me everything I was looking for. Outside, on the water, fast pace and the athletes were big strong a powerful! I decided this was going to be for me. I was invited as a talent athlete so I relocated to Nottingham. 

In the April regatta last year I made a qualifying time and was selected to represent Great Britain at the World cup in Hungary and European championships in Serbia. A few months after that at another regatta I was selected to race at the world championships in Portugal. I placed 3rd and won a bronze medal.

What does training/aiming for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics involve? 

I'm now a full-time athlete. I train 3-4 hours a day, 6 days a week. Training is always very intense and there is an objective to every training session. I absolutely love that... training with purpose! It's an incredible feeling to know that I have world class coaches supporting me and pushing me to be the best I can. The next two years are going to be tough gearing towards Tokyo. The coaches will be watching my results in the gym and on the water. 

What would you say to people who may feel as though they are restricted in some way in regards to fitness? 

You can't underestimate the power of a great coach. My advice would be seek help from a fitness professional. There is always a way! Anyone and everyone can work out any time and anywhere - you just need to be creative! I believe life begins outside of your comfort zone, so push yourself, work hard and you will succeed. 

Do you have any fitness goals for this year? 

Ultimately my biggest goal is to be the fittest, strongest and most powerful athlete paddling the Va'a canoe at any regatta. I accept that I might not achieve this year... but its definitely something i'm aiming for! Fitness goals in the gym: 350m in a min on the skierg, 3rm bench pull - 130kg, 3rm bench press - 150kg, 3rm pull up - 50kg and 3rm trap-bar deadlift - 250kg. 

What do you feel has been your greatest achievement so far? 

Without blowing my own trumpet, since losing my leg at 16, I've achieved some pretty awesome things. Personally, I felt that the perception of disability in the media was weak, ugly and vulnerable, so I made it my mission to change that stereotype! Becoming a personal trainer was an amazing achievement for me. Fitness and disability are like chalk and cheese, so for an amputee to be a fitness coach showed the world anything is possible. I was featured on the front cover of Men's Health, I was the first amputee to walk at New York Fashion Week; I've also walked at Milan, Moscow and London fashion week. I won the title of Mr England 2017, and most recently I won a bronze medal at a world championships. 

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