Weight Of The World | Habiba Da Silva

Weight Of The World | Habiba Da Silva


Habiba Da Silva believes nothing should get in the way of your fitness goals, especially the clothes you wear.  
Her love of the gym and fitness is in no way hindered by the clothes she wears, and she aims to inspire those around her, Spreading the message that the gym truly is for everyone, everywhere, every day. 

How and why did your fitness journey begin?

I started my fitness journey after feeling the need to be healthier, at the time I was living a really unhealthy lifestyle with very low energy levels. Working out made me feel excited to wake up every morning. It also boosted my motivation to work on my business & create content. More than anything It made me feel much more comfortable in my body.

In Weight Of The World, you explain how you truly feel comfortable within the gym, regardless of the clothes you wear; what would you say to someone who may not necessarily feel that way?

Be proud of your identity! Exercise self love and learn to be unapologetic about every part of you. Sometimes we feel that everybody is staring at us in the gym, however, most people are there to focus on reaching their goals. I feel sometimes WE focus on our differences more than other people.

Have you ever encountered any issues wearing your hijab in the gym? If so, how did you overcome this?

Never. I’ve always been going to mixed gyms and other than a few stares of peeked interest here and there nobody has ever made me feel like I don’t belong. 

Do you feel as though modest fashion needs greater representation within the fitness industry? And how do you think this could be tackled?

Absolutely. We need to feature more faces who represent the modest world in the mainstream fitness industry which is why I was so happy to work on Weight Of The World. It’s important for people from all walks of life to be represented in the fitness industry.

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