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Weight Lifting | Georgie Cooper


Weight training, alongside a healthy balanced diet, and being active, will result in a toned, shapely physique. 

I absolutely hate the misconception that women should stay on cardio machines and not lift weights! This could not be any further from the truth; lifting heavy will not only allow you to sculpt your dream body, but it will also give you a new found confidence & improve your whole life. 

So, ladies, listen up, as I am about to tell you why you shouldn’t ever fear the “scary” weights area.

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight, lifting weights will NOT make you bulky! It’s impossible for women to grow our muscles to the size and shape of the guys in the gym. This is due to the fact they have 10 to 30 times more testosterone than us. Therefore, lifting heavy will give your muscles definition, without as much size. It will also take inches from your waist, transform your body, and give you a figure to die for.

Weight training is one of the best ways to lose body fat for two reasons;

1) Because you are still burning calories hours after you finish working out (thanks to excessive post oxygen consumption or EPOC). 

2) Because weight training builds lean muscle, which means a higher metabolism, which ultimately means more calories are burnt daily at rest (30-50 calories to every pound of lean muscle). Research shows that lifting heavy in the gym burns more calories than running at a steady pace.

I have been resistance training for nearly 2 years now. For me personally, one of the main benefits is the mental/emotional side of it. 

It may sound strange, but heavy lifting has changed my life. I previously suffered with bad mental health, such as anxiety etc. I was unhappy, and had no body confidence. 

I remember I would eat a chocolate bar, then go to my gym and run on the treadmill till I had burnt those exact calories off. However, getting into weight training completely changed my mind-set. There is something so satisfying and empowering about improving your strength. 

It is a stress relief, improves your mood, gives you better skin, ensures you have a good night’s sleep, and generally boosts your endorphins. 

I am a completely different person since I found weight training, both in, and out of the gym. I found that regular lifting not only gave me a killer physique, it also helped me find a positive state of mind. 

Getting into weight training can be quite daunting, it is important to note that slow and steady will win the race. Do not rush into anything too quickly. DO NOT be afraid to step into the weights area, although often filled with men, you are just as entitled to use it. 

I promise once you take those first steps, it becomes easier and easier each time- you will soon be queen of the weights area. 

Begin by introducing a gym session with weights, maybe just 1 or 2 times a week. Grab a few dumbbells and a barbell, plan yourself a good workout (Google is your best friend), and try it out. 

After a few weeks, progress by adding in another session, or increasing the weight. 

Ensure you fuel your workouts with a good carbohydrate source for energy, then a source of protein afterwards for muscle growth, and repair. 

Believe me when I say, you will fall in love with resistance training and the results that it brings.

So, there you have it, lifting heavy has the power to completely transform all aspects of your life. More energy, more curves, more confidence, more strength, more sleep and more happiness. 

Happy Lifting

Georgie x


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