Just kidding, I’m a fake account… 

Guys, we have to be a little serious for once…

Here at Gymshark, we work incredibly hard to ensure you always have the best possible experience with us. Unfortunately, as Gymshark grows, it means we are vulnerable to fake accounts. These fake accounts claim to sell everything from discounted Gymshark clothing, to offering Gymshark giveaways. Not only that, they also claim to be looking for future Gymshark Athletes. 

We are in no way affiliated with these accounts or websites.

When placing an order with Gymshark, please order from gymshark.com, as this is the only place in which you will find real and authentic Gymshark clothing. 

Accounts and websites claiming to offer things such as 50% off or giveaways are NOT regulated by ourselves. If you have placed an order through a website like this, we suggest contacting your bank immediately to cancel your payment. 

Our clothing is never sold through any other website other than gymshark.com

Remember, if we were to offer any kind of discounts or giveaways, you would hear it through our verified social media accounts, or here at Gymshark Central.

In regards to Sponsorships, if you were to receive an email or DM, it would come from a Gymshark email address (not GymShark@gmail etc.) or from our verified Instagram accounts (if you see the blue tick, it’s us). 

Please, never send photos of yourself to an unknown source. We will never, ever ask for something like this. 

If you are ever unsure, please feel free to email our fantastic Customer Support team, or comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,


If you are unsure of our verified social media's, please find them linked below;

Instagram: Gymshark, GymsharkWomen, GymsharkTrain

Twitter: Gymshark, GymsharkCentral, Gymshark_Help


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