WATCH: My Fat Loss Plan | Doctor Diamonds' Shredding Secrets

WATCH: My Fat Loss Plan | Doctor Diamonds' Shredding Secrets


Who better to advise on getting in the best shape of your life than our very own resident doctor? 

Check out Dr Diamonds' shredding secrets…


Achieving that sought-after lean physique requires striking a perfect balance between high muscle mass and low body fat

The science behind fat loss is pretty simple; triglycerides are the most common type of fat found in the body and although necessary for your health, can be detrimental in excess.

Fat loss is the removal of these triglycerides in adipose cells - essentially, fat cells. 

Triglycerides (commonly found in meats, dairy product and cooking oils) are an excellent source of energy and utilising them shrinks these adipose cells. 

Over time, the consistent use of fat as an energy source and the shrinkage of fat cells makes for a leaner physique. 

The human body is a sophisticated machine and knowing how to manipulate it can be to your advantage, allowing you to achieve your goals.

 Let’s get into it…


We all know that to burn fat successfully, we must be in a calorie deficit.

A deficit forces your body to find another energy source to maintain daily functioning. Eating a high protein,moderate carbohydrate, low-fat diet will prevent your body from using muscle as that energy source (all while building macromolecules and sparing protein).


Let’s get personal. 

So, my own calories for fat loss are 2458, with a macronutrient breakdown of the following: 

• Protein | 210g (840kcal)

• Carbohydrates | 265g (1060kcal)

• Fat | 65g (585kcal)

This was calculated using my maintenance calories (the calories you’d need to eat to maintain your current weight) and subtracting 500 to be in deficit. 

You can use Google to figure out your own maintenance calories.

To then work out your macronutrient breakdown, I would recommend 1g of protein per pound of body weight. For example, 210lb is equal to 210g of protein.

I then like to give 20-25% of my calories to fat (enough to lose fat but to maintain healthy hormone levels) and the remaining calories to carbohydrates. 


Fat loss doesn’t just happen in the kitchen. 

Your training has a significant impact on your physique and can really determine your body composition.

An example I like to use is Cristiano Ronaldo. Have you ever wondered how he got so jacked? At age 33, Ronaldo’s physical state is way beyond that of his 20-something competitors. 

But how? 

Quite simply, he hits the gym hard.

Besides his rigorous football training and cardio, he weight-trains regularly. This encourages muscle growth while he maintains a calories deficit.

To get that ‘Greek God’ Ronaldo physique, I’d recommend any split that follows these rules. 


- Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press and Overhead press are included in workouts as a staple.


- Every body part is trained at least twice a week. A typical workout split that achieves this is ‘Push, Pull, Legs and Repeat.’


- Achieve progressive overload. Each weak, you must strive to achieve either more weight or more reps - or even both on most exercises. 

Let me know your thoughts, experiences and questions below! Stay tuned for the next in series or check out this video. 

This is just the beginning. 


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