HQ Gymshark 66 Challenge Week 4

HQ Gymshark 66 Challenge Week 4


Gymshark 66 week 4 is complete. Each week GSHQ staff have been tasked with a unique challenge, to help build new habits and continue to make healthy changes promoting a positive impact on our health.

We know small changes, implemented in a consistent manner can be the catalyst for creating permanent improvements to our wellbeing. So this week, the employees at Gymshark HQ were challenged to make healthy swaps during our day-to-day... Watch the video below.

Need a little inspo for switching up your own diet? Swapping chocolate for fruit, sugary yoghurt for natural greek yoghurt, fries for baked chips, crisps for low-cal popcorn, oh, and let's not forget sugary drinks for water...

If you can swap out sugary or fried foods for natural alternatives; you'll already be on your way to making healthy swaps on a regular basis.

What swaps have you made during Gymshark 66? Let us know in the comments!

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