HQ Gymshark 66 Challenge Week 3

HQ Gymshark 66 Challenge Week 3


Gymshark 66 is well underway and this week, GSHQ staff have been taking on a new challenge. Week one we walked 15,000 steps every day, week two we drank at least 2L of water... and now it's time for week three. 

This week, we've been challenged to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and try something new. It might be a new gym class, learning a new language or starting a new book. Whatever we fancied! 

Watch down below to see what things we got up to this week. 

What new thing would you love to try? Why not give it a go this week and let us know how you get on? 

Make sure you come back this time next week to see what are next challenge is! 


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