WATCH: How to grow massive arms with Elliot Burton

WATCH: How to grow massive arms with Elliot Burton


Want to grow MASSIVE arms? Give this killer upper body workout with Elliot Burton a go. 

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Warm Up

Rotator cuff rotations 


Super set

  • Bicep curl 
  • Plate curl 

Super set

  • Straight bar curl 
  • Hammer curl  

Drop set

  • Dumbell incline bench curl 


  • Bicep curls


Super set

  • Dumbell skull crusher 
  • EZ skull crusher  

Super set

  • OH tricep extension 
  • Tricep dips  

Super set

  • Cable rope push down 
  • Single arm cable row push down 


  • Dips  

Elliot’s arm workout is based predominantly on super sets and drop sets. 

What is a super set?

A super set involves alternating between two different exercises with no rest in between. 

Why should you do supersets?

Picking your two exercises right can help to build muscular endurance, burn fat and half your workout time – perfect if you’re in a rush.

Here Elliot is doing agonist supersets, meaning both exercises use the same muscle group. 

You can also do antagonist supersets where you would alternate between two opposing muscle groups (for example biceps and triceps).

What is a drop set?

A drop set involves performing your usual set, but rather than taking a rest once you have finished your set, you drop the weight and then perform another set until failure

Why should you do drop sets?

Drop sets are a great way to build muscle and break out of a plateau. 

There are different ways you can incorporate drop sets into your workout, so do some research and find out what is right for you.

For information of the number of reps, sets and how to make sure you’re getting the right form, head over to Elliot’s YouTube and check out the full video.

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