WATCH: How to grow a booty with Hanna Öberg

WATCH: How to grow a booty with Hanna Öberg


Wanting to grow your peach? 

Check out this killer glutes workout from Gymshark athlete Hanna Öberg. 

Instagram: @hannaoberg

Warm ups

  • Donkey kicks  
  • Laying side abduction  
  • Curtsy step up 

5 booty exercises

  • Hip thrusts  
  • Kettlebell/dumbbell Sumo squats 
  • Single leg glute bridges  
  • Romanian deadlifts  
  • Seated banded abduction  

Most of us have pretty inactive glutes for the simple reason, we spend the majority of our time sitting on them. 

Therefore, it is really important you don’t neglect the warm up! 

These movements are crucial when it comes to activating your glutes, which will help to improve your performance when it gets to the main exercises. 

It also ensures that the muscles are firing throughout the workout, so you don’t have to compensate and use other muscle groups. 

Head over to Hanna’s YouTube channel to see the full video, where she explains how to do each exercise and her recommended rep ranges. 

What is your favourite glutes exercise? Let us know in the comments below. 

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