Valentine’s Day couples workout Inspo

Valentine’s Day couples workout Inspo


You know what they say, couples who train together, stay together. 

So, this Valentine’s Day, why not give this upper body workout with Elliot Burton and Annie Openshaw a go? This is the perfect upper body day routine to help you build muscle and gain strength in your upper back and delts.

Grab your workout buddy and give it a go. 

The workout 

Warm Up 5 - 10 mins 

The Main Event 

  • Pull-ups - 4 x 10 
  • Lat pull down- 4 x 10 + Rear Lat pull down - 4 x 10 (Super set)
  • Single arm cable row - 4 x 10 (each side) 
  • Upright row - 3 x 10 + Shrugs - 3 x 10 (Super set) 
  • Straight arm pull downs - 3 x 10 + Face pulls - 3 x 10 (Super set) 

Cool Down

  • Go and grab a Nando’s (we like your style guys) 

Gymshark Central Top Tips 

Throughout this workout, Elliot and Annie use supersets and pyramid sets

We’ve talked about supersets here on Gymshark Central before (if you missed that you can find it here), but what is a pyramid? 

This basically means for each set the weight is being increased (and usually reps being decreased). 

Top Tip: You can also do reverse pyramid training where you start with the heavier weights and lower reps (strength focused) and then move to lower weights and higher reps (hypertrophy and endurance-focused)

This type of training is great for those of you looking at building muscle size as, in theory, it creates metabolic stress in the tissue, which consequently results in them growing bigger. 

Grab BAE (or your BFF) and give this workout a go. 

How are you guys spending Valentine's Day? Date night? Night in with the guys/girls? Comment down below. 

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