Train like Anthony Joshua

Train like Anthony Joshua


Even if you’re not a fan of boxing, heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is a man you’re going to have heard of. His presence in the ring is unrivalled (helped along by his 6’6 frame), as is his intense training programme. 

Here’s how you can train like Anthony Joshua.

Anthony Joshua in a boxing ring before a fight

Strength and power

Building both strength and power is vital for a boxer. 

When weight training, Joshua doesn’t focus on aesthetics but rather on being a world class athlete.

Of course, having killer abs is nice (and a pretty decent outcome of such an intensive programme) but being able to take down his opponent in the ring is a lot more important to Joshua. 

Head over to Anthony Joshua’s Instagram and you will see some of his gruelling strength building workouts, including heavyweight barbell single-leg Romanian deadlifts and split squats

As a boxer, it is essential for Joshua to not only focus on speed but also on building power. 

A great way to do this, as demonstrated on Joshua’s Instagram, is through ballistics training such as single arm medicine ball throws and hurdle jumps

Top tip: Mix up your usual strength training by decreasing stability or moving in different planes of motion. This will challenge different muscle groups and mimic movements used outside of the gym. 

Functional Training and conditioning  

When you’re fighting in a ring for more than 10 rounds of intense boxing, it is vital to ensure that you’re at the very peak of physical fitness to continue bringing to A-game until your very last punch. 

For Anthony Joshua, this means a lot of functional training and conditioning. 

As well as your usual cardiovascular training such as jumping on an exercise bike, Joshua also uses his conditioning to simulate challenging situations that prepare him, for whatever eventuality when he gets in the ring. 

These include battle ropes in the sand to add extra resistance and reduce stability (inspired by the training done by the Brazilian football team) and underwater training challenging his body in different ways. 

Top tip: We’re not suggesting jumping straight into the deep end! If you’re a beginner take it slowly. 

Our top tips for training like Anthony Joshua are: 

  • Get enough sleep. In order to have the energy to maintain such an intense training programme, you need to ensure you’re getting enough sleep and giving your body time to recover. Joshua aims for a huge 10 hours! 
  • Don’t train for aesthetics – train for results. For Joshua, being able to perform in the ring is his priority, not focusing on aesthetics. Fitness is a lot more than just what you see in the mirror (although, let’s be fair, for Anthony Joshua that’s pretty good). 
  • Step out of your comfort zone and don’t feel restricted to the gym. What makes Anthony Joshua’s training programme so successful is his willingness to train in different environments. 
  • Don’t skip your warm ups and cool downs (We would suggest using a resistance band to fire up your muscles and prevent injury)
  • Eat enough calories to fuel your body and help you recover.
  • It’s a lifestyle, not just what happens in your hour training session. Joshua prides himself on working hard on his health throughout the day (eg. Getting enough sleep, not smoking and keeping drink to a minimum). 

Apart from his incredible physique and skill, Anthony Joshua is known for his hard work and modesty – a philosophy that Gymshark can get behind. 

After all, it’s not about how good you are; it’s about how hard you work.  

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