Top 5 Foods To Eat If You’re Low on Fibre

Top 5 Foods To Eat If You’re Low on Fibre


We get it. When it comes to insta-worthy foods, fibre isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Melted dark chocolate? Yes. Protein pancakes? Absolutely. A bowl of bran flakes? Probably not. There really isn't much that is appealing about the thought of a non-digestable, plant-based carb. 

It might not get a lot of press, but fibre is an incredibly important part of a healthy and balanced diet. 

It can help with weight loss, lowering your blood sugar levels and helps you… you know, go to the loo. It’s recommended that women get 25g and men get 38g of fibre every day, but in reality, a large majority of us are probably not getting close to that. In fact, experts have estimated that the average person is probably only hitting around 18g a day.

Not great news for our bowels, not to mention our bones and cholesterol levels. 

However, there are super easy (and delicious) ways you can increase your fibre intake.

Here are 5 of our favourite high-fibre foods that you need to add to your diet. And don't worry, some of them might even make it on the grid. 


We all know that legumes are high in fibre, but you might not have heard of split peas!

Made from the dried, split and peeled seeds of peas – split peas are super high in fibre, coming in at 8.3g for 100g. 


If you want to increase fibre in your diet, then popcorn is one of the best snacks going! And, let's be honest, it's also pretty delicious. 

Coming in at 14.5g for 100g - permission to eat a load of popcorn, granted. 


Chia seeds have been taking the fitness world by storm recently, but its fibre content is not often mentioned.

Not only are they packed full of magnesium, phosphorous and calcium, they also come in at 34.4% fibre – that means 100g would nearly hit a males daily recommended amount of fibre

Throw them on top of your porridge or in a smoothie and you're good to go. 


The humble artichoke is often ignored, probably because, well… what do you do with an Artichoke?

If you do find some recipes, you’ll be getting 10.3g of fibre for one artichoke! Maybe it’s time we stopped overlooking the artichoke. 


Probably the most talked about food on Gymshark Central; you might be surprised to hear that avos are not only full of good fats, they’re also pretty high in fibre. 

For 100g you’re looking at around 6.7g of fibre. Get your Instagram ready; it’s #avotoast time.  

Add some of these foods into your diet and let us know how you get on. 



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