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5 best exercises to grow your glutes

5 best exercises to grow your glutes


Want to grow your glutes? Daft question really. 

Not only does glute training help to grow that signature peach, a strong booty is also going to help with your posture, strength and overall athletic performance. 

Here are 5 exercises that you NEED to incorporate into your lower body workout if you want to grow your glutes. 

Back Squat

No surprise here. 

If you want to grow your glutes, back squats are one of the best exercises out there. They’re a great compound movement that will challenge your quads, hammies, abs, lower back and, you guessed it, your glutes. 

There’s a reason all your #fitspos preach about the importance of these bad boys.

If you’re bored of back squats, don’t worry! Check out some other glute growing exercise options here.

Hip Thrusts 

If you want to feel the burn, then this is the booty exercise for you. 

Hip thrusts are the best way to target your glutes and increase your strength, speed and power. By encouraging optimal hip extension, incorporating hip thrusts into your lower body workout will also help to improve your squats and deadlifts – everyone’s a winner. 

Bulgarian Split Squats 

They might be tough, but trust us, they’re worth the pain! 

Bulgarian Splits squats will help to develop your quads, as well as your glutes, whilst also developing lower body strength and power. 

Romanian Deadlifts 

Romanian deadlifts work your hamstrings and lower back a lot more than a regular deadlift. The ‘pulling’ movement that is required is great for challenging your glutes and helping to build strength and power, which results in them also growing in size. If you struggle with activating your glutes during a regular deadlift, Romanian deadlifts are a great way to help. 

No barbell, no problem! These can be done with dumbbells or kettlebells – perfect, whatever your experience level. 

If you want to make these more challenging, why not try a single-leg Romanian deadlift and really challenge your stability and glutes? 

Cable Side Kicks 

These might not be the first exercise that come to mind when you think of growing a bigger booty. 

However, as cable side kicks force you to move in a different plane of movement to most glute exercises, they’re great for challenging your gluteus medius and minimus, not just the gluteus maximus. They also help to encourage stability, so make for a great addition to your lower body workouts.

When training your glutes, it is essential to keep in mind that you want to achieve a well-balanced body. 

Different muscle fibres respond to different movements, and therefore it is vital to plan your workout around hitting all of these. We would recommend picking an exercise that encourages optimal hip extensions (eg. Hip thrusts), a squatting exercise (eg. Back squats), a lower body ‘pull’ exercise (eg. Romanian deadlifts) and an exercise to challenge your gluteus medius and minimus (eg.leg cable side kicks)

That way your whole booty is getting a workout, helping you to build that perfect, peachy butt. 

Which is your favourite exercise for your glutes? Let us know in the comments down below.  


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