Tips for a Better Work, Life & Health Balance

Tips for a Better Work, Life & Health Balance


You’re not alone. Trying to juggle your work, life and health commitments can feel a little daunting and often overwhelming. This can leave us feeling like we're not dedicating enough time to doing the things we love, such as socialising with friends or sofa nights in with Netflix.

So, here are some great tips you can implement into your day-to-day to help get that balance right and leave you feeling more accomplished at the end of each day; resulting in a happier, healthier and more productive version of yourself.


Often consumed by media, digital content and bright computer screens; our eyes need a rest, and our legs need rejuvenating so make your work efforts more efficient and jump up from your workspace for a wonder. Go outside, tour the office, sculpt out some yoga poses or put on a short podcast.


Put your headphones on, find a quiet space and have a few moments to yourself.

Being mindful of the present and your surroundings, tools such as meditation have been proven to help you in many ways.

Shall we give you a quick breakdown? Here are just a few of the benefits associated with regular meditation.

• Reduces Stress

• Controls Anxiety

• Improves Sleep

• Improves Concentration

• Encourages A Healthy Lifestyle

So, what’s the easiest way to meditate? Simple, use an app on your phone such as Calm or Headspace and allocate 15 minutes in your day to remove yourself from the hectic-ness around you and take a moment for yourself.


When motivation levels are running high, you tend to overkill the fitness regime working towards unrealistic goals.

This results in a short-term increase in training that is unsustainable long-term, leaving you feeling demotivated and frustrated when that high-intensity schedule can’t be maintained. Sound familiar? Thought so…

Start by changing your view - this is a lifestyle change and not a short-term health fix.

Plan out your training days around work and life, starting with one or two days p/week, increasing it as and when you see fit. This will help you build consistency and create a healthy balance in your life without adding excess stress.

And for food? Don’t restrict yourself, you can’t eat out of Tupperware 5 times a day, 7 days a week… Prepare the meals you can and enjoy eating out and picking up food on the go, just swing towards that ‘healthier’ option and all will be ok; plus, you’ll be much happier for it!


You’ve probably figured out by now just how unpredictable life can be, so don’t get hung up on missing a gym session, or grabbing a fresh box of McNuggets while on the road, we continuously have to adapt in all areas of our life.

Having a plan B helps us stay on track when things don’t go quite right, so next time you miss that workout shrug it off and go to plan B; maybe a walk over the park or a quick HIIT session in the garden? You control whether that day keeps you moving towards your goal.


This is a simple one and can be implemented into all areas of life, but is often overlooked. Being consistent is the route cause of progression, so whether it be with your diet, lunch breaks, training sessions or work deadlines. Consistency will aid you, no matter the challenge,

Don’t let things sidetrack you or become a roadblock in your day-to-day events. Staying at work until 9pm may have a positive short-term impact, but making it a regular occurrence means you missed dinner, skipped your training session and sacrificed your social catch-up. Be smart. Give yourself time to succeed.


We all know that feeling when we have something amazing to look forward to, it often pulls us through the tough times and gives us that awesome task of counting down the days. So make sure you always have a date to look forward to, from a social drink on a Friday, a weekend road trip with friends or a beach holiday to get some of that good stuff!

However big or small, planning these events upfront has a huge positive impact on our minds and work ethic. So get out that diary and set some dates to look forward to.

TIP: Instagram is a great way to find new places trending in your area and beyond, so have a browse and try something new!


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