The Women's Legacy Is Coming

The Women's Legacy Is Coming


Legacy is a part of your history.
Something that people will remember. 

The Men’s Legacy collection has been with Gymshark since the beginning; from its screen-printing roots, to its Flex frenzy, the Legacy has remained.

And now? 

Well, it’s time for the girls to have a piece of the action.

Seriously though; who run the world? 

Stupid question

We are officially bringing you the Women’s Legacy Collection.

And, (in the words of our beautiful Whitney) it is Hot, Fire, Flames

From shorts, to leggings, to your favourite cropped sweaters, this collection is everything you didn’t know you wanted - and now you’ll want it all - sorry about that

Designed to ensure your workout is your best yet, the Legacy collection combines that classic (and nostalgic) Gymshark feel, with style and comfort. 

Each piece from the collection features the original Gymshark logo, giving you those much loved vintage feels. 

It's 2019, who doesn't love a bit of vintage? 

Finished in on-trend and seasonal colour-ways you can either blend in or stand out from the crowd (in the gym, obviously).

The Men's Legacy was designed to ensure you get the most out of your workout; no hindrance, no restrictions, no problems - and it's no different for the Women's.  

We want you to feel your most confident at all times, and this has got your back. Literally. 

Picture it now; you rock up to the gym, you’re wearing your Legacy leggings, sports bra, drop arm vest and cropped zip hoodie (why the hell not), you’re feelin’ fresh, and you’re ready to make every rep count. 

But hey, even if your gym session doesn't go to plan, at least you look great.

What are we talking about? Of course you'll smash it - you're wearing the Legacy. Duh

Let us know what you think of the new collection in the comments below! 

The Legacy collection features each of the following pieces; Legacy Fitness Sports Bra | Legacy Fitness Cropped Zip Hoodie | Legacy Fitness Drop Arm Vest | Legacy Fitness Jogger | Legacy Fitness Long Sleeve Crop Top | Legacy Fitness Longline Tee | Legacy Fitness Panel Leggings | Legacy Fitness Shorts | Legacy Fitness Sleeveless Hoodie | Legacy Fitness Bralette | Legacy Fitness Sweater. 

Women's Legacy will be released at 7pm BST on the 11th of July. 
Check out the full collection on Pinterest


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