The Ultimate Men's Release


The Ultimate Men's Release


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Big things are coming.

So, we thought we should tell you about them.

First up, the Men’s Flex leggings… yes, you read that correctly. Ready for the winter months, the men’s Flex are the perfect addition to your training. 

Men's Eaze Tank and Flex Leggings.

With sweat wicking capabilities, seamless knit, and a form fit, the men’s Flex leggings are a training must-have.

Let’s face it, the Flex effect is universally recognised - so, why not introduce it to your wardrobe? 

Trust us, we know you won't regret it. 

Now, looking for something to pair with the Flex leggings? Look no further.

Free Flow Shorts
Free Flow Shorts

The Free Flow shorts are designed with an engineered mesh fabric; increasing breathability and the ability to ensure an irritation free workout. 

With the new Gymshark lifestyle logo, branded draw-cord, and super soft material blend, the Free Flow shorts are perfect over your Flex leggings.

"The Free Flow shorts are engineered to ensure breathability, which means they are perfectly paired with the Flex leggings as a base layer" Jack Lamont, Senior Menswear Designer

Now we have your training day covered, how about your rest day?

Introducing, the Eaze collection

Eaze Tank and T-shirt.

With its simplistic yet stylish design, the Eaze collection moves you out of the gym, and in to everyday lifestyle pieces. 

With raw edge hems, a longline fit, and a relaxed yet tapered fit, the Eaze is your new Instagram-worthy go-to.

Perhaps you could pair your Eaze with the new Oversized hoodie.

Oh, did we not mention that?

The new Gymshark Oversized hoodie is bound to be your new favourite. Differing from the usual Gymshark form fit, the Oversized hoodie is effortless style and consistent comfort, all in one superior design.

With an embroidered tonal logo, part ribbed cuffs, and soft material blend, the Oversize hoodie is the ultimate chill day addition. 

Versatile, unique, and carefully crafted with attention to detail; it may be Oversized, but it’s all about the little things - one of our favourite Gymshark lifestyle pieces yet. 

Oversized Hoodie.
Oversized Hoodie.

So, set your alarms, because on Thursday the 26th of October, at 3pm BST, the ultimate men’s release is happening, and you don’t want to miss it.

Big things are coming.

Do not miss out

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