The Training Behind Cutting

The Training Behind Cutting


The key to a successful cut or 'shred' lies not only in what you eat, but also how you train. 

What you do when you hit the gym is likely to be very different to the workout routine you were doing when you were bulking and it comes with its own challenges. Luckily, we're here with some top tips to help you when it comes to training while on a cut. 

Last week we looked at the nutrition that goes into a successful shred, and today we are looking at how to alter your training programme to suit your new goals. 

So, let’s get into it. 

Keep track of your progress in and out of the gym

It was the first point in the Ultimate Guide to Bulking, and the same goes for your cut – keeping track of your progress is crucial.

Monitoring your weight and progress in the gym allows you to make sure that you are losing fat at a sustainable rate (and maintaining as much lean muscle mass as possible).

 Once again, using an app such as MyFitnessPal is a really handy way to do this. 

It is recommended that in order to lose weight and keep it off, you should aim to be losing between 1-2 pounds a week. 

It might not seem like a lot, but keeping fat loss slow and steady will help make sure you’re not losing your newly bulked-up muscles

Don’t get disheartened 

Back in our Ultimate Guide to Bulking, at this point we were talking about progressive overload. The chances are you gained a lot of strength during your bulk that is almost definitely going to reach a plateau while you’re on a cut. 

While this might be annoying, don’t get disheartened! 

Try and remember that you are now working towards different goals and challenging your body in new ways.

You are not going to be as strong as you were, but you’re going to become a lot leaner! 

Up that cardio 

If you followed our guidance, your bulk would have included some cardio, albeit very small amounts. 

Now you’re looking at shredding some fat and being in a calories deficit; you’re probably going to want to increase your cardio to help you along the way. 

Check out our post on the best types of cardio to do to maintain muscle mass while losing fat and add it into your programme! 

Don’t overdo it 

The same goes for you cut as for your bulk! Don’t overdo it. 

You might think that endless cardio is going to help you achieve your goals sooner, but in reality, it will result in reduced muscle mass, unsustainable weight loss and you’ll probably feel rubbish! 

You’re not fuelling your body with as much food as you were and while you might not be heavy lifting to the same extent, you still need to be giving yourself time to recover.

Keep your end goal in mind (and listen to your body) 

With cutting comes a whole different set of mental challenges. 

A successful cut requires dedication and a lot of self-discipline. When you’re feeling disheartened, keep in mind your end goal and make sure you’re paying attention to your body and what it needs. 

Playing around with macros or taking an extra day off might be just what it needs. 

If it is going to help you – do it! 

Let us know your top tips for a cut and stay tuned for our Ultimate Guide for Maintenance coming soon. 

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