The Storm Is Coming


Some products are special

It’s just the way it is. 

No matter how much time, effort and dedication may go in to every single Gymshark product, there are those we can’t help but single out. 

To put it bluntly, there are certain products that just look so goddamn good, we need to shout about it.

Introducing: The Storm Waterproof Parka.

It’s one to shout about. 

In fact, we just took tech to a new level.

Here to explain is the man behind the magic - Jack Lamont, Senior Menswear Designer. 

“I felt we were lacking a waterproof to see you through the autumn and winter months. I wanted something lined with a clean look. It’s your everyday waterproof, but it is a little bit more than that…” explains Jack.

A slight understatement. 

The Storm is designed with fully taped seams…

Sorry, are we speaking another language? Don’t panic, here is Jack to explain… 

“When something is classed as ‘waterproof’ it must go through testing. The Storm has been tried and tested again and again, to ensure it is fully waterproof. Without approval once tested, and its fully taped seams, the Storm wouldn’t be what it is.” 

So, with its fully taped seams, dipped cuffs and hem (just for that extra protection), the Storm is designed to truly protect you from the elements. 

The Storm Waterproof Parka boasts a flawless finish – it may look uncomplicated in looks, but it’s all about the details… 

“I wanted to introduce the fused bar tack stitch covers into this design” begins Jack.

“They provide a clean and sleek look, which enhances the look of the funnel neck and peak hood. Small and intricate detailing on the Storm offers a fashionable finish, without compromising functionality.” 

Trust us when we say, the Storm exudes function; from a self-fabric chin guard, right down to the hidden welt pocket, you may wonder - what doesn’t the Storm have?

We couldn’t tell you - we’re pretty sure it has everything. 

A few final words from the designer? 

“It is my favourite piece to date. The Storm is one of those jackets you can keep forever. It’s a lifetime piece.”

The Storm is coming…

But you won’t feel a thing. 



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