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We have some news…

Some very, very exciting news.

The Seamless Collection is coming back. 

The Seamless long sleeve crop tops? You got it. The high waisted Seamless leggings? You don’t even have to ask. 

The Seamless Collection has been a hot commodity since its release. With sweat wicking capabilities, pretty-pastel colours, and seamless knit fabric, you can’t go wrong. Not to mention, it looks good. Very good.

The flattering high waisted Seamless leggings are a firm favourite, perfect when paired with the Seamless sports bra, Seamless long sleeve crop, Seamless anything...

So, we were thinking; how can we explain the Seamless Collection? 

We thought, the best way for you to know everything there is to know about the Seamless Collection, was with a little help from our athletes.

Whitney Simmons and Cass Martin.

Here is why some of our athletes simply love the Seamless Collection- 

Brittany Lesser- "The Seamless Collection is my favourite! Everything fits perfectly and accentuates your physique in all the right places. Style plus comfort gives you an incredible collection, just what everyone wants!"

Noel Arevalo- "I personally love the Seamless. Not only are they flattering on any figure, they hug all the right places! Also, very breathable, perfect for lifting!"

Maryana Dvorska- "I love the Seamless collection, very flattering and comfortable. It is my favourite collection from Gymshark to date."

Jazmin Gonzalez- "I love the Seamless Collection because it is fitted but still so comfortable! It makes workouts enjoyable, and I feel cute, all at the same time :)"


Now then, next thing on the agenda; how do you wear the Seamless Collection? 

Once again, we enlisted our awesome athletes to explain how they like to wear their Seamless pieces. 

Elizabeth Zaks- "The Seamless long sleeve tops are perfect for anything! I can wear them with any Gymshark bottoms, jeans, shorts, whatever! So comfy, breathable and come in cute AF colours. The sports bras are my favourite because;

1) It's super soft 

2) It's strappy and cute 

3) Secret push up effect (not many people mention this) 

I have the grey and black, and I am obsessed.

The Seamless leggings have ze bessssssst form fit, but they are still comfy, especially around the waist. Sadly, I do have a short torso, so it is a little too high waisted, but I simply roll the band down! I can pair them with any Gymshark top (depending on colour) or a cropped hoodie.

Ashley Barron- I love so much about the Seamless Collection! I love how simple it is, yet so beautiful on. I love the comfortable fabric, the fit and how it compliments everything (

Elizabeth Zaks and Isabela Fernandez.

So, there you have it, all you need to know, straight from our athletes. 

However, you can’t really take our word for it.

To experience the Seamless Collection, you need the Seamless Collection. 

Get ready. It’s coming.


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