The Performance Seamless


The Performance Seamless


"I truly feel like superman in the Performance Seamless. Not only do I look better, I also feel better"  Jasper Schellens

The Performance Seamless is designed to take you further. 

With sweat wicking capabilities and effortless stretch material, the Performance Seamless ensures you can move through your workout with no irritations or distractions.

“The Performance Seamless has been designed to accentuate certain muscle groups of the body, it almost creates an armour feel” says Jack Lamont, Senior Menswear Designer.

“We actually fit the Seamless Performance on a model, this helps us follow the lats, so the Seamless design is perfectly placed”.

The Performance Seamless is ready for anything, and any workout. Whether you are lifting, running, or simply warming up, you can move through, seamlessly. 

“We create the Performance Seamless with two yarns; one is dyed blue, the other is dyed black. This creates the dark blue colour you see” explains Jack Lamont.

“The colours chosen are primary, almost basic. This enhances that Superhero feel the performance Seamless gives”.

The Performance Seamless also makes a regular appearance at Gymshark HQ…

“The Performance Seamless and the Sport Shorts are the official kit at Monday night football…” quips Jack Lamont.

“The team is called ‘Le Seux Solid Crew”.

Nope, we’re not joking.

Moving on

The Performance Seamless is releasing Thursday the 14th at 3pm GMT

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