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The NY Edit | City Gym Life


It's the NY Edit.

"In New York City, fitness studios are like restaurants. 

You have your ultimate go-to's, the top-reviewed places that you're willing to spend your dolla on, the hidden gems, the spots your friends drag you to and the trending scenes where you can't get a sought-after reservation for the first year.

Even if you're not a budding foodie, surely you understand the comparison."

Question is...where will you be going to sweat the stress in the busy city that is the Big Apple?


Top Tip: Arrive early. Rumour has it, doors close as soon as the class starts.

"Let freedom flow."

Set in a cool, contemporary space with an urban edge, Y7 proves that yoga doesn't have to be earthy to be effective.

They do things differently. 

It's all about the sweat drippin' and the beat bumpin'. We're taking Vogue's word for it; this development is "yoga for people who put on gangsta rap and handle it".

If you're after an ambient yoga class with nature-based music and a cool, relaxed room...this isn't the place for you. Studios are heated to a toasty 90° - we weren't lying when we said it was all about the sweat drippin' - it's hot. 

Are you ready for something a little different?


Top Tip: Keep it smooth; avoid the choppy sensation.

"Let the water support your wellness journey"

It's a spin class but not as you know it. With bikes submerged under water, it's entirely up to you to create your resistance...

The reason why? Underwater cycling lacks a resistance dial, so taking things back to basics; the faster you pedal, the more resistance you create.

It may sound simple, but believe us when we say; it's takes time to get used to the entire concept and create a smooth ride. Once you get the hang of it, however, you'll never want to stop.


Top Tip: Learn the Switch Signals before you attend class.

"It's not just about getting in shape; Switch takes you on a journey for the mind, body and soul".

It's been said that NY has recently become saturated with generic workout scenes...but Switch Playground has begun to generate whispers that ripple out amongst the city's sweat-set which fight the problem at hand. 

With live DJ's causing havoc amongst the city dwellers gym, Switch has developed 'Switch Signals' - think, a form of sign language to keep things running like clockwork... you're told to learn them if you want to spend time 'on' the playground.

Like us, they're all about family so don't worry about turning up alone. Offering a vast array of group fitness workouts that focus on the entire body this one-of-a-kind playing field is a unique group experience.

Go play.


Top Tip: Make sure to utilise all of their facilities. It'll be worth it.

"Specialising in workouts of Olympic intensity..."

Said to have usurped Barry's Bootcamp as the toughest place to train; the relatively new studio applies the principles of sports training - strength, agility and endurance - in a way that the everyday athlete can do.

Not only that, but they take their recovery process extremely seriously. Changing rooms at Tone House TH101 showcase an 8-person ice bath which is a rare find outside of a professional athletic facility...but trust us, they'll prevent the dreaded DOMS!

Oh, and there's also a foam rolling station...we know how much you love them.

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