Nutrition | The Bodybuilding Edit | Julius Ise

Nutrition | The Bodybuilding Edit | Julius Ise


Ever wondered what it takes to eat like a bodybuilder?

Julius Ise runs us through his pre-competition nutrition and how he manages to get into shape ready for the big day.

Take it away Julius. 


To sum it up… 

My body and my metabolism function best with a high amount of carbohydrates, which means my competition diet is focused predominantly around high-carb, low-fat foods.

My protein intake stays relatively high to avoid my body reducing muscle mass instead of fat. With that in mind, I take roughly 2.5g protein per KG of bodyweight – with my weight being roughly 80kg, I consume 200g of protein in total.

Thanks to the high amount of carbs, I retain my strength while training and maintain my training weight with ease, all without losing power.


I begin the day with a shake consisting of low-fat quark, oatmeal and protein powder.


I have two meals in the middle of the day. Generally, it is rice with vegetables and chicken or fish. Alternatively, I do also sometimes have steak and potatoes or pasta with lean mince.


In the evening I have another shake, this time made up of low-fat quark, protein powder, some fruit and a few oats.

Overall I consume roughly 3000 calories per day, although the exact amount varies depending on what stage of the diet I’m at and the progress I’ve made.

Do you think you could hack eating like a bodybuilder?

Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for the next instalment in The Bodybuilding Edit.


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