The New Shadow Collection Is Here

The New Shadow Collection Is Here


The culture of hard work.

All world class athletes started in the shadows. It's the hours of sweat, blood and tears behind the scenes that makes a true champion.

Unrivalled quality and fit is a given, but sometimes it's imperative for our actions to do the talking.

With your training at the forefront, the new Shadow Collection is always in the background, with you every step of the way.

Maximum support, zero distraction.

Boasting a full range, the Shadow Collection is the newest member in your workout wardrobe.

Shadow Tee's

Up top, we've got you covered no matter your style.

Take your pick from the Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Large Logo and Drop Armhole t-shirts (or grab one of each). All built with one thing in mind, performance without distraction.

Designed to support your workout, the increased elastane gives peace of mind, whilst the tonal branding and dark tones keep the focus on your lifts. As you know, every rep counts.

Shadow Bomber

The Shadow Bomber is the perfect overlay, pieced together with a elastane and cotton blend; this isn't a jacket that gets in the way of your workout. Stretch technology means it's as comfortable getting you to the gym as it is in the weights room.

Heavy lifts won't faze the Shadow Bomber in any way, shape, or form.

Shadow Joggers

Complete the look with the form-enhancing fit of the new Shadow Joggers, featuring a tapered leg, tonal matte branding, high-stretch tech and the essential zip side pockets. Available in full length and a 3/4 variation.

Shadow Shorts

Take your performance to the next level with the Shadow Shorts, featuring technical loopback material, mesh insert side panels, zip pockets and fused bartack stitching; the Shadow Shorts are ready to dominate the toughest of workouts.

Shadow Leggings

The Shadow 3\4 Baselayer Leggings are your answer. Featuring a mesh gusset, muscle-shaping cuts and flatlock stitching; pure, unrestricted training keeping your focus on the task ahead.

No matter your discipline, the new Shadow Collection will always be by your side.

Shop the Shadow Collection here.


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