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Like many of you, the Gymshark Legacy range has been with us from the very beginning.

Its iconic design, soft stretch cotton blend fabric and physique accentuating fit is symbolic of our bodybuilding heritage, our roots and our original vision.

Gymshark began in 2012 with an idea, but grew to become more than we could have ever hoped for – a community of fitness lovers that reached, and continues to reach, the far corners of the globe. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The legendary tapered fit of the Legacy collection was ahead of its time. Our Founder and Chief Brand Officer Ben Francis explains, ‘This wasn’t the usual big baggy clothing bodybuilders wear.’

It marked a new era of fitness apparel, where the focus was on you. Through innovative design and a committed philosophy to producing clothing that performs, we wanted to create a collection to make you both look and feel good.

‘It was handmade, fitted clothing that younger people wanted to wear to the gym.’

From the first print to our most recent release, this hasn’t changed. Our goal has always been simple: to create something you love to wear. Despite our evolution, our vision has remained wholeheartedly. 

Throughout the years, our much-loved family has grown with our ever-expanding vision, and with growth comes inevitable change. 

Our clothing is designed with you in mind and as a result, is always evolving, always improving. We love our Gymshark family, and will never stop striving to offer unbeatable and essential gym wear.

We’re constantly motivated to be the best and the most innovative, all to deliver you with the most flattering, functional and effective fitness clothing.

Amidst our evolution, the Legacy range and Fitness design has been steadfast. It’s at the heart of who we are and represents how far we’ve come, paying homage to the beginnings of the brand you know and love.

The overall quality of the fabric has improved, carefully crafted to ensure consistent comfort. However, its unique design is timeless – it’s simple, but it performs. Form-fitting, yet breathable, the Legacy collection may evolve, but it will never change.

It’s the loyal, no-nonsense design you can trust, taking you back to basics whilst taking your workout to next level.

Introducing the newest addition to the Legacy collection, the Drop Armhole Tank combines our essential cotton tank with a contemporary drop armhole design. Look no further for the perfect tank, both in and out of the gym. 

When working out, we know how important it is to have no distractions, no restrictions and to look as good as you want to feel. At Gymshark, we understand that focus is key and that the need for clothing that meets the demands of your performance is crucial.

'A contemporary take on a Gymshark Classic.' Jack Lamont, Menswear Designer.

Liberating drop armholes promise freedom of movement, consistent comfort and restriction-free training. The Drop Armhole Tank boasts a combination that’s essential for every workout wardrobe.

Menswear designer, Jack Lamont, describes the Fitness Drop Armhole Tank as ‘a contemporary take on a Gymshark classic, designed with athleisure in mind.’

‘I wanted to keep to our roots, whilst broadening our legacy range with something that can be worn in and out of the gym.’

Get ready for new breed of Fitness. The Fitness Drop Armhole Tank will be releasing on Wednesday 27th September at 3pm BST.

Colours launching: Black, White and Port. 

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