The Journey To My First Competition | Part 3


The Journey To My First Competition | Part 3


Following on from my last blog post, I wanted to touch on something a little more sensitive, something that has affected me throughout the past few years of training. 

Even before Jack (my coach) I was counting calories, as I was desperate to gain weight. If you are new to tracking, and you want to do it without professional help, it is a difficult task. Through trial and error, you will learn how your body responds, and you will begin to make changes, to find what suits your needs. 

I don’t know about you, but I am very much an inpatient individual, as well as a perfectionist, which can be a bad mix! 

When I started out, I became very obsessive about my weight, and any fluctuation would either leave me on a high, or a low, doubting myself, and wondering if there was any point continuing. I would struggle with serious anxiety, and it would manifest itself in my appearance in the mirror. “I hate how skinny I am”, would be a common sentence in my head, and I did a lot of damage to my self-confidence. 

I was also very critical when it came to comparing myself to others - be honest, we have all done it, no matter now silly it is! “Why can’t my legs be as big/small as hers?”, “why are my glutes not as round from that angle as hers?”. Comparison truly is the thief of joy, and deep down, we KNOW it’s stupid, but we can’t help ourselves. 

As years’ have gone by, I have learned to treat myself with more patience and respect. For many of us, there are other variables playing out in our lives; family, socialising, university, college, work, children etc. I cannot expect myself to have a perfect week every week, or even a perfect month.

Regularly I will message my coach Jack, and let him know I have been stressed, unable to do one of my sessions because of university work, or unable to meet my calories because stress has caused a nasty IBS attack. 

I have also learnt that weight can fluctuate in accordance to many variables such as your time of the month, being ill, stressed or even randomly gaining/losing a little water weight. 

If you are dropping or gaining a serious amount of weight, then this is something to be concerned about. However, small fluctuations day to day are very normal, so long as on an average weekly basis you are heading towards your goals, then that is perfectly fine. 

It is also important to remind yourself that everyone’s progress will differ. Whether it takes more, or less time for them than you. Or, they may genetically have more, or less, potential in one area than you. It seems unfair, but hey, that is just life. 

Even I get jealous of other people’s progress sometimes! However, I just remind myself how damn hard I work for what I have, and remember that my only true competition is myself. 

The most important thing to consider; being healthy, and fit, is just as much a mental element, as it is physical. 

I say it a lot, but balance truly is the key for success. Be KIND to yourself, and respect the fact you are putting in the effort.

You will eventually succeed, but it won’t be instant.

- B x


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