The Gymshark Swim Collection | Swimwear 2020 Trends

The Gymshark Swim Collection | Swimwear 2020 Trends


Sliding into summer '20 with an IG pic like...

"Here's a postcard from Gymaica. Wish you could be here x"

Okay, so it’s not quite the blue-skies-white-sand candid you thought you would be uploading to your IG feed this summer, but let’s face it – none of us thought we’d be sharing social posts about tigers and sardine oil either…

It's been a crazy few months and we'd be telling an outrageous lie if we said we hadn't gone through a rollercoaster of emotions. Our routines have had to change, our perspective on certain situations has shifted, and, our sleep schedules have 2am feeling like the new 10pm... thank youuu Netflix. But, amidst all this chaos, it's shown us just how strong and creative we can be. So, with that in mind, lest we forget that one very positive thing is still on the horizon: summer is inbound.

Guaranteed, we might not be basking in the sun with an ocean view in front of us, but summer this year will be what we make of it.

From opening your apartment windows wide, and sprawling across your sunshine-laden floor in your 'kini, to calculating the exact hour that the sun hits your driveway… ensuring you get those all important 20-minutes (at least) of Vitamin D, can seriously help to increase your serotonin levels. Something that now, more than ever, is extremely important.

But please, if nosy neighbours Carol and Clive have to see you sitting at the window in your swimmers, at least grace them with something other than the wave-beaten, discoloured swim attire that you've kept in your drawer from your collegiate years...

Introducing: the swimwear trends of 2020. From classic and iconic triangle bikini tops, to the staple gift from god that is: men's board shorts - we've outlined the core swimwear trends and silhouettes that will look phenomenal from locations such as Bathamas, and Bedrome...

Summer '20 is what you make of it.

Browse Women's Swimwear 2020 Trends 
Browse Men's Swimwear 2020 Trends

. . . 

Men's Swimwear Trends 2020

To the naked eye, the design and concept of men's swim shorts is simple... they must fit well, they must dry quickly and they must look good

But recent years have seen a number of new factors and trends come into play. When buying men's swim shorts you must think about the style of the swim short, the length of the swim short, the colour and/or pattern of the swim short - and - the functionality of the swim short - does it have pockets, an inner mesh lining, an internal draw cord...  need we go on.

This is a complex item of clothing. 

Outlining the trend-driven, yet functional swim shorts that we have to offer this summer, scroll on to explore a variety of styles - patterned swim shorts and men's board shorts included. Let's leave the discoloured shorts, and ripped mesh linings in 2019 please fella's.

1. Men's Board Shorts


left: Gymshark Swim Board Shorts ($50/£40)
right: Gymshark Performance Board Shorts ($35/£30)

2. Men's Patterned Swim Shorts


left: Gymshark Swim Shorts - Blue Water Print ($30/£20)
middle: Gymshark Swim Shorts - Grey/Red Print ($30/£20)
right: Gymshark Swim Shorts - Black/Yellow Print ($30/£20)

3. Men's "WFH - Straight To The Paddling Pool" Swim Shorts


left: Gymshark Hybrid Swim Shorts ($50/£40)
right: Gymshark Oversized Logo Board Shorts ($30/£25)

. . . 

Women's Swimwear Trends 2020

The one-piece swimsuit is back, in all her glory. 

If, like the majority of us, you too have been traumatised by the childhood swimwear experience of "saggy butt syndrome", (you know... where the elastic wore down to the point where your one-piece swimsuit pretty much absorbed the entire pool)... we promise you, times have changed. 

The resurgence of the one-piece swimsuit, has seen the versatility of the garm sky-rocket in recent years. With silhouettes now boasting anything from waist-accentuating fits and intricate cut-out detailing, to high legs, scooped necks and zipped fronts - they're often seen doubled as an athleisure, bodysuit staple in the summer months. (Donned with a classic pair of jeans or a skirt if you were wondering).

So, if you're dying to ditch your bikini this year for a little bit more coverage, scroll on to discover our variety of swimsuits this season.

1. Cut Out Swimsuits


left: Gymshark Horizon Lifestyle Swimsuit ($40/£30)
right: Gymshark Horizon Swimsuit ($35/£30)

. . . 
Swimwear Trends 2020

Whilst one-piece swimsuits have experienced a renaissance as of late, nothing will usurp the iconic silhouette of a bikini.

A swimwear staple for many, the creative design of bikini tops has - just like the one-piece - come a long way since its inception in the 1940s. What was once made from the likes of wool and rayon jersey, is now meticulously crafted from a blend of swim-friendly materials, such as polyamide and elastane (the good stuff).

Through modern design detailing; mesh inserts and varied fabric textures, to the position of the straps and metal decals, there's no denying that you can now buy a bikini top in every colour, cut and pattern imaginable. From iconic staples such as the barely-there triangle bikini top, to those which offer a little more support and coverage, there's something available to suit everyone's needs.

1. High Coverage Bikini Tops


left: Gymshark Horizon Train Bikini Top ($30/£25)
right: Gymshark Horizon Sport Bikini Top ($30/£25)

Shop The Matching Bottoms:
• Gymshark Horizon Train Bikini Bottoms ($20/£15)
Gymshark Horizon Sport Bikini Bottoms ($25/£20)

2. Triangle Bikini Tops


left: Gymshark Horizon Lifestyle Bikini Top - Orange ($25/£20)
right: Gymshark Horizon Lifestyle Bikini Top - Pink ($25/£20)

Shop The Matching Bottoms:
• Gymshark Horizon Lifestyle Bikini Bottoms - Orange ($20/£15)
Gymshark Horizon Lifestyle Bikini Bottoms - Pink ($20/£15)

. . . 
Swimwear Trends 2020

Bikini bottoms have the power to transform your swimwear look... thus meaning, that you can never, never have too many pairs.

If anybody raises an eyebrow at that, feel free to forward this article on. Although, we've also found that the polite, semi-sarcastic reply of "well, you do wear different underwear every day" can also work a treat...

Back to the task at hand. Bikini bottoms and their versatility. There's little discrepancy over the fact that high leg bikini bottoms, and something a little bit cheeky reign supreme these days, but they're not the only trends fighting for the sunlight this summer... and believe us, each have their reasons as to why they should be the one you choose.

- Anything high waisted, helps to provide that little extra coverage, whilst also providing a flattering fit on the waist.
- Anything high cut, can apparently help you grow 3 inches... 
- Anything with a "cheeky" cut, helps to minimise those pesky tan lines.

The list goes on. Pair with a simple silhouette up top and you've got a multitude of looks for half the price...

1. Cheeky Bikini Bottoms


left: Gymshark Horizon Lifestyle Bikini Bottom ($20/£15)
right: Gymshark Essence Low Rise Bikini Bottom ($25/£18)

Shop The Matching Tops:
• Gymshark Horizon Lifestyle Bikini Top ($25/£20)
Gymshark Essence Bikini Top ($30/£22)

2. High Waisted Bikini Bottoms


left: Gymshark Horizon Mesh Bikini Bottoms ($20/£15)
right: Gymshark Horizon Sport Bikini Bottoms ($25/£20)

Shop The Matching Tops:
• Gymshark Horizon Mesh Bikini Top ($25/£20)
Gymshark Horizon Sport Bikini Top ($30/£25)

If this whole working-from-home situation continues, we may need to consider swimwear as a viable work uniform option... comfort is key after all. 

And On Top Of All That...
We've Got NEW Swimwear & Styles Releasing Soon... Keep An Eye Out, We'll Be Updating This Article!

What will you make of Summer '20?

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