The Gymshark Sale | For The Girls

The Gymshark Sale | For The Girls


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The Gymshark Sale 2020

Are You Ready: 25th June | 7PM BST |

We've switched things up this year. But, you already know that. You also know the specifics... So, with up to 50% off selected lines, all that's left to do is explore the discounts, and prepare your sportswear wish list, but remember...

The Gymshark Sale will only be around for 24 hours. And these are only a few of our favourite contenders. (Yes, there are more items on sale - these, these are just our top picks).

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A first time buyer, or just unsure on what size you should go for? Take a gander at the guides below...

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Women's Leggings

If quarantine has confirmed anything, it's that sitting in jeans all day is not fun, not comfortable, and definitely not at the top of our priority/washing list. 

Leggings, however? Well, that's just something a little more us. Not only are your gym leggings the most versatile, anything-goes weapon when it comes to styling, but a good pair will see you through for years to come. So, where to start?

  1. Decide what type of activity you'll be wearing your leggings for. If you want to lift weights, you'll want to focus your attention towards a slightly thicker pair of leggings, like the Camo Seamless. If you want to run however, we’d recommend taking a look at something a little more lightweight so that your movement doesn’t feel restricted. Our top pick: Lightweight Seamless.
  2. Choose your colour... from subdued tonal hues, to something a little more statement, each collection has a multitude of colours to choose from!

As Pictured Above | Our Favourites And The Discount That You Can Cop Them At:

  • Ultra Seamless - Black | 30%
  • Camo Seamless - Winter Berry | 50%
  • Laser Cut Tights - Black | 30%
  • Origin Seamless - Black Marl | 30%
  • Breeze Lightweight Seamless - Black | 20%

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Women's Shorts + Bottoms

We LOVE shorts. It’s as simple as that.

Although we adore our faithful and trusty leggings, there comes a time each year where we just want to celebrate the summer months and get our pins out.

The resurgence of the cycling short has seen the versatility of the garm sky-rocket in recent years. With silhouettes boasting anything from waist-accentuating fits and bold colours, to varied lengths, prints and patterns - they're now often seen doubled as an athleisure staple in the summer months. (Donned with an oversized tee and a pair of trainers if you were ever wondering).

As Pictured Above | Our Favourites And The Discount That You Can Cop Them At:

  • Studio Joggers - Smokey Teal | 30%
  • Ark High Waisted Joggers - Black | 30%
  • Ark High Waisted Joggers - Winter Berry Marl | 30%
  • Ark High Waisted Joggers - Deep Blush Marl | 30%
  • Technical Cycling Shorts - Black | 20%

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Women's Sports Bras

It's no secret that wearing a sports bra is 'hella important. Wearing the right one while you train minimises the impact of your chest's movement during exercise, allowing for an easy, pain-free workout. Trust us, even if you're a long-serving member of the itty bitty committee, don't be fooled into thinking you can do without.

You'll want to find a style that's best for your particular size, breast shape and activity level... oh and you thought finding a normal bra was hard enough. And, depending on the impact of the activity (low, medium or high), there are actually different sports bras, and support levels to suit. From the padded sports bra straight through to the strappy sports bra - supporting 'yo girls during a workout has never honestly been easier!

As Pictured Above | Our Favourites And The Discount That You Can Cop Them At:

  • Captivate Sports Bra - Black | 30%
  • Ultra Seamless Sports Bra - Spearmint Green | 30%
  • Laser Cut Sports Bra - Black | 30%
  • Studio Sports Bra - Black | 20%
  • Power Down Croplette - Black | 20%

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Women's T-Shirts

Gym tops have long been a workout clothing essential. 

Not only do they provide the perfect base layer for any look, but their variation in design, fit and colour can also unknowingly serve as a proclamation of identity. It's all down to personal preference - what you find comfortable and how you wish to express yourself at the gym.

From tanks to long sleeves, cropped 'fits to oversized tees and everything in between, our collection of t-shirts has been designed with you, the seasons and the latest trends in mind. Don't miss out on the one-time opportunity to land them for less.

As Pictured Above | Our Favourites And The Discount That You Can Cop Them At:

  • Breeze Lightweight Seamless Tank Crop Top - Black | 30%
  • Energy Seamless Crop Top - Black | 20%
  • Flex Crop Top - Charcoal Marl/Smokey Teal | 20%
  • Camo Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top - Winter Berry | 30%
  • Ultra Seamless Crop Top - Spearmint Green | 50%

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Whilst there's no denying the importance of your clothing ensemble, we appreciate that to make an outfit stellar, it more often than not comes down to the accessories you pair it with. This season, our focus is on the understated accessory: gym bags. More specifically, the backpack.

So, why should you invest? Two words: practicality and versatility. 

Let us explain. At the end of the day, if you're to invest in a durable backpack that will see you through the years to come, you want it to look good, but you also need it to be practical. A good gym bag should have multiple compartments that can then be used to create an organisational system which is personal to you. We're talking a pocket to store sweaty gym garms and shoes, another for clean clothes, snacks, tech... the list goes on. 

It's a small thing but trust us, you'll never go back to the one-compartment bag you had before.

As Pictured Above | Our Favourites And The Discount That You Can Cop Them At:

  • Premium Legacy Backpack - Light Grey | 50%
  • Sleek Backpack - Black | 30%
  • Academy Backpack - Black | 30%
  • Wash Bag - Black | 50%
  • Mini Lifestyle Backpack - Black | 20%

Ready Or Not...
The Countdown Has Officially Begun.

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