The Gymshark London Store

The Gymshark London Store


- London's Calling -

It's Time To Spill The Tea


Forget what you think you know about Gymshark events. This is different. This is bigger. 

Gymshark London is our first retail store. And, unlike previous events, GymsharkLDN is here to stay... at least for a little while. 

For four weeks, we're bringing our URL to IRL with our very first retail-focused store (there's more activations too, but you'll have to scroll down to find out more...). Expect to find the shop refreshed with NEW releases EVERY week...  and you can bet that you'll get the first glimpse right here at Gymshark Central. Stay tuned, London.

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All The Key Info

The Gymshark X Gymbox Workout Schedule

Gymshark London FAQs

The #GymsharkLDN Guidebook: From Opening Times To Workout Schedules... 

. . . 

Key Store Details:

Dates: 28.02.20 - 29.03.20
Time: Mon-Sat: 10AM-8PM | Sun: 11AM-6PM
Location: 19-20 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9LD


Unlike our previous events, you will not need a ticket to come and visit #GymsharkLDN. Entry is 100% free!

You will however, need to register for a ticket if you wish to attend one of the fitness classes being held at the Gymshark London store. These tickets are limited! To find the full workout schedule, and what classes you can expect at #GymsharkLDN, scroll down just a little...

FYI: tickets for these classes will be released in two drops...

  • DROP 1: for Gymshark x GymBox classes dating between Friday 28th February - Friday 6th March, click here.
  • DROP 2: for Gymshark x GymBox classes dating between Saturday 7th March - Mon 16th March, check back on March 1st.

If a class shows to be fully booked, don't panic. No seriously please don't panic...  If somebody happens to cancel their ticket, it will become available on the ticketing site, so we'd recommend that you keep checking back! To find out more about ticket cancellations for the Gymshark x Gymbox workouts, scroll down.

. . .

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
It's the biggest decision you'll make this year.

If you're contemplating whether to visit the Gymshark London store, scroll down and take a read of our FAQs... we can be pretty persuasive. 

But for now... here's a little more about what you can expect to find at the store...

. . .

Gymshark X Gymbox | The Workout Schedule

It's sweaty. It's quick. It's perfect for a drop in session.

#GymsharkLDN sees us partner up with the fitness cognoscenti: Gymbox, to bring to you 16 unique workout classes, promising to push you to your absolute limits. 

Don't know who Gymbox are? Let us explain...

Gymbox are home to the big hitters, heavy lifters, slick dancers, zen masters, first timers, movers and rule-breakers of every kind. The gym where anything goes.

Enough said. Take a look at the Gymshark x Gymbox fitness classes that you can sign up for at #GymsharkLDN below...

Sign up for Gymshark x Gymbox classes dating between Friday 28th February - Friday 6th March here.

METCON HIIT: Want To Know What You're Getting Yourself Into? Let's Define The Workout:

METCON HIIT | A 30 minute HIIT class. Get in, sweat, get out.

BEASTMODE | Split your workout into two; first focus on bodyweight HIIT exercises, and then beastmode through weighted conditioning movements.

CAVEMEN AND NEANDERGALS | A circuit class, but not as you know it. Alternate between bodyweight and obstacle based exercises... kettlebell swings, box jumps, sandbag slams + more.

AMRAP | As many rounds as possible. It does what it says on the tin.

BATTLEBELLS | A HIIT class focusing on the use of battle ropes, kettlebells and sandbags.

WODSQUAD | A frame based - Metcone style - class focusing on functional strength and skill techniques. Expect to find this class based around AMRAPS, EMOMs, and workouts for time/reps.

Fancy trying one of the Metcon HIIT Gymshark x Gymbox workouts? Click here to register for a ticket!

COMBAT: Want To Know What You're Getting Yourself Into? Let's Define The Workout:

COUNTERKICK | A cardio based kickboxing class. Expect to find rounds of HIIT training and bag work which take you through the basic boxing and kicking techniques. 

COUNTERPUNCH | A cardio based boxing class. Slightly different to Counterkick, this class revolves more around gymboxing; taking you through the basic boxing techniques with HIIT training and bag work.

KILLER COMBAT | A circuit based workout, focusing on the conditioning that fighters endure during their camps before fight night.

SWORDPLAY | Combining discipline, focus and a graceful touch through dance, Swordplay is a coming together of ancient art form with choreographed combat.

Fancy trying one of the Combat Gymshark x Gymbox workouts? Check back on the 1st of March to register for a ticket!

FLOW: Want To Know What You're Getting Yourself Into? Let's Define The Workout:

ROLLING WITH MY YOGIS | A dynamic yoga flow created to help perfect various yoga poses and backbends.

CONTORTION | Focusing on backbends and the splits through progressive stretching, this class utilises props such as blocks and ropes to help improve all-round flexibility. 

YOGA FOR LIFTING | Whatever impact your training has had on your body, make the most of your motion by getting stronger, stretchier and increasing your range of movement.

STRETCH AND MASSAGE | Feeling a little sore and tight from your training session? You're in luck - this class guides you through a variety of stretching ropes and foam rolling exercises; increasing flexibility and promoting myofascial release.

SWEAT TO THE BEAT | A full body endurance workout set to fast-paced music; this is tough conditioning. Think: strength, endurance and balance - all in one class.

Fancy trying one of the Flow Gymshark x Gymbox workouts? Check back on the 1st of March to register for a ticket!

Gymshark London Store FAQs

- The nitty-gritty details - 
. . .

Where Is The Gymshark London Store?

The Gymshark London store will be located at the following address:
19-20 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9LD

What Are The Opening Hours Of The Gymshark London Store / How Long Will The Gymshark London Store Be Open For?

Unlike previous events, the Gymshark London store is here to stay... at least for a little while.

Set to open its doors later this month, you'll be able to set foot into our very first retail-focused store: #GymsharkLDN from Friday 28th February, until Sunday 29th March 2020. Now we know what you're thinking... did you really just read that right... the Gymshark London store will be in Covent Garden for an entire month?! 

Yes. Yes it will indeed... that means that you have a whopping 31 days to come and visit!

As for the opening hours; the Gymshark London store will be open at the following times:

Monday - Saturday:
• 10:00 - 20:00
• 11:00 - 18:00

Can I Use My Gift Card To Make A Purchase At The Store / Can I Buy A Gift Card At The Gymshark London Store?

Unfortunately, gift cards/discount codes that have been bought and/or issued online won't be authorised as a payment method at the Gymshark London store. We will however, be accepting Visa, Mastercard and cash payments.

Gift cards also won't be available to purchase in-store. 

If I Buy Items At The Gymshark London Store, Can I Return Them?

Absolutely! If you've bought an item at GymsharkLDN but would rather prefer to return it to us for a straight up refund you're more than welcome to bring the item back to us in-store. Please note that refunds will be given in the following form:

• If originally paid via card, you will receive a refund back to the card used at the time of payment.
• If originally paid via cash, you will receive an e-gift card to use online at

If you've travelled long and far, or you're unable to make it back to the Gymshark London store to return an item to us, you're more than welcome to use our free online returns portal for a full refund. 

Can I Return Items That I've Bought Online To The Gymshark London Store?

Unfortunately, items that have been bought online, can't be returned to the store for a refund/exchange. In this instance, you'll need to follow our online returns process - don't worry, it's super quick, easy and free! To find out more about our returns process, click here.

What Happens If An Item I Buy At The Gymshark London Store Is Faulty?

If an item that you've bought at the Gymshark London store is faulty, please please come back to the store with the item and your receipt - we'll sort you out!

Alternatively, feel free to give our Customer Support Team a shout here! All you'll need to do is set the subject line as "Gymshark LDN" and send through a few pictures of your faulty item, alongside your order number (this will be on your receipt).

How Early Do I Have To Arrive Before My Gymshark x Gymbox Workout?

Pronto. If you've signed up for a workout at the Gymshark London store, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time stated above on the workout schedules. 

This allows the Gymbox instructors to talk you through the class, so that you can start on the dot and get the most of your workout. If you're late to the class, it won't cost you anything but a few hundred calories.

What Do I Need To Bring To The Gymshark X Gymbox Workouts?

All you'll need is your work out clothes (already on), your shoes and some water. We'll have everything else covered. 

If we can ask one thing, please, please, please arrive already in your workout clothes. Although we do have changing rooms, these will be located upstairs and are primarily for the use of trying on Gymshark clothing that will be available to buy at the store. 

Unfortunately, we don't have any designated changing rooms, or showering facilities for the Gymshark x Gymbox workouts.

I Can't Make My Spot At The Gymshark x Gymbox Class Anymore. How Do I Cancel?

If you're no longer able to make your workout at the Gymshark London store, please message our Customer Support Team via the below link so that they can cancel your ticket. This allows somebody else the opportunity to take your place and join in on the fun! 

Here's how:

  1. Click here to message our Customer Support Team.
  2. Under "Category" please select "Gymshark LDN".
  3. As your "Subject Line" please then write "Workout Cancellation Request"

Please, please, please use the above link when messaging our lovely Customer Support Team regarding the Gymshark London store! Responses could be slightly delayed via other channels such as Facebook or Twitter, so if you want a speedy response on your GymsharkLDN query, please hit the above link. 

- RSVP To Our Gymshark London Facebook Page & Let Us Know You're Coming -  

Do you have any questions we haven't answered? Please comment below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! 




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