The Gymshark Essential Collection | What To Wear To The Gym

The Gymshark Essential Collection | What To Wear To The Gym


When it comes to gym clothing there's often a misconception that the "cool, urban or pretty" pieces we lust after, and our everyday workout essentials fall into two separate categories...

  • Category 1. The gym basics: (simple silhouettes and block colours... you know, the more "affordable" gym clothes).
  • Category 2. The cool gym clothing: (on-trend silhouettes and bold colours... these items could at times leave you waiting until next months pay check).

The essential update: just because you're getting gritty doesn't mean that you have to be wearing gym clothes that are plain, practical and boring. We're over that.

Introducing: The Gymshark Essential Collection, a capsule of assorted gym essentials (you know the gym leggings, gym shorts, gym shirts that you can't live without), that redefine expectations, in the hope that they'll slowly become your new gym bag favourites.

It's time to take the guesswork out of getting dressed with our personal go-to gym favourites, this season and beyond. Scroll on to explore. 

"We wanted to create core basics that you could style over and over."

- Isla Gilbertson: Gymshark Womenswear Designer

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"The Essentials Collection is all about classic silhouettes. You don't know it but we've created your new go-to favourites." Gymshark Design Team

Wait, So What Are The Essentials?

Contrary to belief, "an essential is not something you need, but instead something that - by definition - you can't avoid". To put that into context...

They're the black leggings or shorts that you confidently throw into your gym bag at 5am, knowing full well that they'll have your back during a heavy leg session.

It's the muscle-fit tee, and the neutral-toned sports bra that emphasise quality through both its fabric and cut.

They're the fundamental items that you can effortlessly mix 'n match with ANY item, due to their classic silhouettes, colours and fits - gym aficionado, or athleisure lover alike. In short, they're the most trusted allies in your workout wardrobe and are anything but dispensable. 

How To Style Your Essentials For Every Type Of Activity

For a mix and match collection to work effortlessly, it's essential that the colour palette hints at both subtle earthy hues and seasonal colours. 

"Having a collection that you're able to mix and match is key in removing the stress from selecting your gym wear, whilst ensuring you're ready for anything in the gym. The collection has a good selection of soft-hued pastels as well as bold seasonal colours which means everyone will find something that resonates with their personal style." Doriane Lescouet - Gymshark Stylist

But what about the style? Truly great design is transformative. The Essential Collection requires little thought to seamlessly piece together; featuring classic silhouettes, minute branding and effortless detailing, this capsule of collections is the something new your gym kit needed.

"The Essential Collection has all your staple styles and silhouettes, making it perfect for anyone who is unsure about what to wear in the gym. Or, for anyone who wants to express their unique style. The versatility of this collection means it can easily be styled for whichever physical activity you plan to take on that day." Doriane Lescouet - Gymshark Stylist

Workout essentials, gym basics or wardrobe fail-safes... 

Whatever you call your go-to gym outfit, these six looks provide the functional foundation of any workout.

What To Wear On Your Way To The Gym 

There's plenty of choice, no wrong answers and feeling comfortable is key. 

We mean it when we say that the key to finding the perfect travel outfit is comfort. It's got to keep you warm through the winter months, but shouldn't be a workout in itself to take off (we wouldn't recommend jeans, like seriously, don't do it to yourself). 

In our humble opinion, travelling to the gym is all about the oversized joggers that you can slip into quickly post-workout, and the hoodie that you can whip off in record time after your warm-up period.

Scroll on to find our personal favourites...

For The Girls:

For The Guys:

What To Wear For The All-Rounder

When we talk about the "all-rounder", we're referencing someone who conditions their body for every sport and every workout discipline. But, with this comes its own complications - how do you find the one gym outfit that ticks all the boxes without getting Edna Mode involved?

The key is finding what you feel most supported in. It's going to get intense, and it's going to get sweaty. Powerful stretch fabrics that allow your skin to breathe are best - think mesh features, split hems and sweat-wicking fabrics all for improved ventilation and lasting comfort. 

Scroll on to find the best clothes for conditioning...

For The Guys:

  • T-Shirt: Element Baselayer Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Black -> coming soon.
  • Shorts: Arrival 5" Short - Acid Lime  
  • Accessories: Legacy Sweat Towel| Hot/Cold Water Bottle -> coming soon. | New Era 940 Mesh Snap Back -> coming soon.

For The Girls:

What To Wear For Cardio

The outfit you decide to work out in for cardio is just as important as the health benefits linked to the favoured discipline. 

Choose items poorly, and you'll find yourself in regret; dripping with sweat, and sporting a "cardio tattoo" (chafe) in a rather intimate area. Champion the right product(s) however, and we promise you, you'll be on a cardio high in no-time. Just make sure that you bear the following in mind...

Overheating. Excessive Sweating. Chafe.

Scroll on to find the best clothes for cardio, or click here to find out more about the best clothes for running...

For The Girls:

For The Guys:

What To Wear For Combat Classes

Whilst we get that looking good is high priority, it's important to dress for discipline and stick to the clothes that support your workout - in this case combat. Repeat after us: breathable, quick-drying and easy to move in.

Scroll on to find the best clothes for high discipline sports...

For The Guys:

For The Girls:

What's your go-to gym outfit? Let us know in the comments section below!

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