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Here at Gymshark, we know what you like.

We know you like the Seamless.

We know you like the cropped look.

We also know, you love the Flex.

The Flex leggings are an iconic, original, and recognisable Gymshark design; and, (as with most great things), they have evolved over time, to become the product we know, and love, today. 

I figured, it was time to take a look behind the magic. After all, behind all iconic products, there is a designer. 

Behind the Flex leggings, there is Senior Womenswear designer, Lois Woodcock

Graduate from Essex University in Fashion Design, Lois has been with Gymshark “a year and 8 months, roughly.”

So, let's jump right in, shall we?

The Flex leggings are known for their contouring. Especially that under the bum contouring we have come to know, and rely on, (let’s face it, we have).  

“Originally, there was going to be no under bum shading”, Lois explains. 

Nikki Blackketter in the Flex leggings V1 and V2.

“We felt like it was too crude, almost rude, but in the end, we decided it gave great booty contouring. However, everyone’s bum is different, so Serena (Head of Development), drew in felt tip on a pair of leggings where we felt like the contouring should go.”

The V1 Flex leggings have no under bum contouring. In fact, the contouring is minimal- you can see a slightly shaded area around the calf, and two shaded bands around the ankle. So, was the iconic contouring always meant to be?

“We just contoured the legs on the Flex V1, there was never going to be that much, not to the extent there is now.”

Then, the Flex leggings V2 were born. 

With their new and improved contouring, eye-catching, pretty-pastel colours, and the once shunned under-the-bum shading, the Flex leggings were reborn.

I wanted to know; when did the Flex become a sell-out sensation?

Karina Elle in the Flex leggings.

“It honestly happened over night. We literally couldn’t keep up with demand, and it took the Flex to the next level.”

The Flex became an overnight sensation, and Lois was tasked with the job of topping an already incredible product.

“Redesigning was a big deal for me. It was like trying to fix something that wasn’t broken. I didn’t want to take it too far, but I also didn’t want to change it slightly.”

With a redesign complete, and a launch date at the ready, Lois found herself awaiting approval from the all-important Gymshark family. 

“I was so scared when the new design went online. I remember thinking everyone was going to hate it. I scrolled through literally every comment. I remember seeing two negative comments, and I just sat there thinking ‘I’ve fucked this up’, even though hundreds of other people loved them!"

The Flex Family.

So, where does Lois plan on taking the future of the Flex?

“I want to keep the hype of the Flex going. The Flex family has provided a few firsts; this is the first crop top with short sleeves. Originally, there wasn’t going to be a Flex crop top, but I felt like there was something more to be added to the family.”

“My biggest task has been to create the next big thing, and I think I have done that with the Seamless high waisted. I’m excited for people to see the next big thing; my goal will always be to surpass the Flex.”

With that in mind, I can’t help but ask the question, what does Lois have in store for the future of Gymshark?

With a small smile, Lois responds, 

“I’ve got some plans…”

(Left) Lois Woodcock at the Nikki Blackketter pop up store, New York.
(Left) Lois Woodcock at the Nikki Blackketter pop up store, New York.

The Flex Family will be released on Wednesday the 27th of September, 3pm BST. 

We hope you are ready. 

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