The Evolution of the Fit Tracksuit


The Evolution of the Fit Tracksuit


2014 bought us a staple Gymshark product- the men's Fit tracksuit

An instant hit, the Fit has continuously evolved, becoming the tracksuit we know and love today.

Developed throughout the years, it has morphed in to an original and iconic look. With angular zip pockets, raglan sleeves, and a classic form fit, it has become a must have wardrobe essential.

The Fit Tracksuit has evolved massively since the Fit V1 and V2 above.

As with all Gymshark products, the overall quality continues to improve. This is something we focus heavily on- we are always working to create a more durable, and impressive product, that can enhance your workout and daily life. 

Many factors have been added, and removed, throughout the years. The most noticeable change between the Fit V3 and V4, is the colour. The Fit V4 is now finished with a block colour and tonal logo, whereas the Fit V3 saw contrasting colours.

The colour changes between the V3 and V4 have added a new dimension to the Fit.
"My favourite thing about the Fit Tracksuit V4 is the new zip guard. I feel as though it gives a cleaner, more sophisticated look." Jack Lamont, Senior Menswear Designer

Jack Lamont, designer of the men's Fit tracksuit, has incorporated factors that benefit the look, and feel of the Tracksuit: "My favourite thing about the Fit tracksuit V4 is the new zip guard. I feel as though it gives a cleaner, more sophisticated look."

Finished with a tonal logo, dipped hem, and zip guard, the new additions give you a sleeker, more refined tracksuit. 

One design factor the men's Fit tracksuit has (and always will) maintain, is the iconic form fit. A fit that gave the tracksuit its name, and has proved incredibly popular, throughout its three- year life span.

When you think of your rest day, and what it may involve, we can guarantee the men's Fit tracksuit will be part of it. Whether you love the V1, or the V4, it will never go out of style. Because, does comfort ever go out of style? 

We don’t think so.


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