The Camo Seamless Workout Challenge

The Camo Seamless Workout Challenge


The Camo Seamless Collection just dropped and #Gymshark66 is well and truly, underway... So, now it's time to put your clothes and your fitness to the test.

Are you ready for the Camo Seamless Challenge?

This workout is based on metabolic conditioning, a high-intensity workout format that engages all of your major muscle groups, putting your entire body through it's paces.

TIP: For the BB superset, load the bar with a weight you can Military Press for 12-15 reps. Use this weight for both exercises.

For the DB exercises, do the same. Choose a weight you can DB Row for 12-15 reps and use these for both exercises in the superset.

save the workout
save the workout

Start your new year with this workout. Guys, you can get involved too. This session is for everyone! Save the workout to your phone and hit your next gym session HARD.

Let us know how you get on in the comments below!



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