The Best Fitness Tech to Help You achieve your 2018 goals

The Best Fitness Tech to Help You achieve your 2018 goals


Whether your training is on point, or you need a little extra motivation...there's bound to be some form of fitness tech to help you take your routine to the next level.

If you're in the pool, trail running, skiing or simply going for a walk, here are the most popular fitness gadgets to help record your activity, up your game and progress.

Activity Tracker

Catapulted into the mainstream market largely thanks to FitBit in 2013, activity trackers have fast developed with new technologies to help monitor our day-to-day activity.

With a huge variety of options now on the market, many brands offer affordable activity trackers often incorporating heart rate monitors and basic smartwatch functionality.

Activity trackers can be hugely motivating for those of us who fall into a sedentary lifestyle at home and/or work; sometimes we just need that little kick to get us off the sofa and this might just be it.

Activity doesn't necessarily mean exercise... but these devices help us realise if we need to get some movement into our daily routine and help us take simple steps to improving our quality of life.

image: Apple

Fitness Watches

Smartwatches are becoming incredibly powerful, offering many great tools to assist and monitor our health and activity progression throughout our daily routine.

The range of fitness watches is huge, providing useful information for anything from your morning beach run to your mountain bike ride and even a dip in the pool. The level of info given ranges from brands and models, however, even basic information allows us to track progression and motivate us to beat previous exercise results.

Smartwatches also offer great tools and additional apps to accommodate for more specific activities, such as GPS mapping, heart rate recovery monitoring and logging weights room personal bests.

We're also starting to see the integration of mindfulness apps within smartwatches taking us through our daily mindfulness practice with meditation guidance, which is SUPER cool!

Wireless Headphones

Let's face it. What's a workout without music?...

Music is proven to be a huge motivator for us during exercise, and what better way to block out the grunts from the weights room with your favourite tunes, without the restriction of being constantly attached via a cable to one of life's biggest distractions, our mobile phones.

The wireless headphone market is the biggest and best it has ever been, with batteries that will last for an entire week's worth of training and fully waterproof designs to leave us assured our sweaty gym sessions or morning lengths in the pool won't leave them frazzled.

A modern gym bag essential, without a doubt.

images: Wattbike / Peloton

Smart Bikes:

Ever thought a cycle ride was a good idea... before looking out the window to be greeted with rain, wind and overall gross-ness? Jump on the saddle and get a sweat on without the great outdoors bringing your motivation to a halt.

Indoor cycling equipment has taken a huge leap forward in recent years thanks to the likes of Pelaton and WattBike, with the ability to record fantastic data such as distance, power output, split times and more whilst providing a realistic road cycling experience in the comfort of your gym. You could also grab one for your home if you're a keen cyclist.

What makes them smart is the ability to link with several devices, including heart rate monitors to help you train in specific 'zones' dependant on your goals. You can also connect tablet's, mobile devices and computers to view and save your data on a larger screen, however, this isn't the best bit...

Applications such as Zwift provide a fun virtual reality/gaming approach to your training immersing you in the bike ride with the ability to race against others in real-time, allowing you to explore routes inspired by real-world courses like Prudential RideLondon and the 2015 UCI World Championships in Richmond, Virginia.

What fitness tech takes your training to the next level? Let us know below.



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