The best alternative fitness trends of 2018

The best alternative fitness trends of 2018


Keeping fit no longer means having to hit the gym or pound the pavements. 

2018 has seen the rise of loads of alternative fitness trends that we have been loving – just check out some of Devon Levesque or Demi Bagby and their INSANE exercise videos and you’ll see what we mean.

Here are some Gymshark Central favourites.

People dancing at a nightclub

Exercise meets Clubbing

Imagine a club but with none of the drunken people bumping into you and all of the funky music, glow sticks and disco lights.

The dream, right?

Throw in a bit of dancing and combat, and you’ve got yourself 'Clubbercise'.

Now that is cardio we can get on board with.

Two people wearing virtual reality glasses

Virtual Reality Workouts

Yep, these really are a thing.

Virtual Reality workouts put you right in the middle of some virtual challenge in which you are the hero.

To complete your mission, it’s going to take you smashing some serious cardio and endurance exercises.

Up for the challenge?

Demi Bagby practising calisthenics


What’s Calisthenics? 

Think Demi Bagby, and you’ll be along the right lines.

It’s kind of a mix between gymnastics, parkour and strength training, which can be done pretty much anywhere – as Demi has shown us many times.

The main aim of this type of exercise is to bring together both beauty (‘kallos’) and strength (‘sthenos’) while developing kinesthetic awareness, rhythm. 

Just be warned, you might get some weird looks if you start doing pull-ups and flips in the middle of your local supermarket… Anything for the gram, right?

Person doing yoga

Hot yoga

The clue is in the name, but hot yoga is yoga exercises performed in hot conditions.

It’s super sweaty but comes with loads of health benefits from weight loss to helping build muscular strength, endurance and flexibility

Woman doing pole dancing

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing fitness classes have recently been popping up everywhere and for a good reason.

Not only are they loads of fun, but pole dancing also forces you to engage all of your muscles at some point during the workout, which promotes blood flow and kinesthetic awareness - not to mention you'll build some killer abs. 

Have you tried any alternative fitness classes? 

What are your favourites?

Let us know in the comments below.


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