The Battle of the Low-Cal Ice-cream | Oppo Brothers Edit.

The Battle of the Low-Cal Ice-cream | Oppo Brothers Edit.


Here at Gymshark Central, we love a macro-friendly sweet treat, and low-calorie ice-creams are a HQ favourite. 

Over the next few weeks (or months – they’re a lot) we are going to be tasting all the top ice-creams in the ultimate battle of the low-cal ice-creams.  

It’s a hard job, but someone has got to do it – right? 

First up, it’s time for Oppo Brother’s Good Temptations.

We tried 3 flavours of these low-calorie, low-sugar delights: Raspberry Nipple (Limited Edition), Salted Caramel and Columbian Chocolate and Hazelnut.

 Here’s what we thought. 

Oppo ice cream tubs with melting scoops of low calorie ice cream

Raspberry Nipple (318 calories per tub, 5.5g sugar and 2.8g protein per 100ml) 

Okay, so we know the name is a bit odd, but there’s a good reason for it! Raspberry Nipple is a limited-edition flavour for breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel. 

Raspberry Nipple is a mix of raspberry and creamy vanilla ice-cream – think raspberry ripple vibes! 

It gave us all major throwbacks to childhood sweets and, despite having a slightly artificial raspberry taste, it did not taste low calorie AT ALL. It was delicious and a firm favourite of some of the Gymshark team who preferred fruity flavours over creamy chocolate and caramels. 

It comes in at 318 calories for the whole tub and has 5.5g of sugar and 2.8g of protein per 100g, making it the lowest calorie pint of the bunch. 

Delicious, low-calorie and 10p from every sale goes to a fantastic cause – everyone’s a winner. 

Gymshark Central Score: 8/10

Salted Caramel (342 calories per tub, 5.5g sugar and 3g protein per 100ml) 

Call us basic, but the salted caramel ice-cream totally has our heart. 

A Gymshark HQ favourite (it reminded us of caramel popcorn), this is definitely the most indulgent of the lot. 

Like the others, it definitely did not taste low-calorie (despite the whole tub only been 342 calories), and unlike a lot of salted caramel flavoured products, it actually did taste like salted caramel. 

An absolute winner all around. 

Gymshark Central Score: 10/10 

Columbian Chocolate and Hazelnut (380 calories per tub, 5.1g sugar and 4.3g protein per 100ml) 

Imagine if someone made Ferrero Rocher’s into an ice-cream – that is basically what Oppo has done here, and they have somehow made it only 380 calories for a whole tub! 

It has a strong chocolate flavour with little bits of hazelnut within it and, despite being chocolate, is not the highest calories of the bunch. It does, however, have the highest protein.

 At 4.3g per 100ml, a tub counts as a post-gym snack, right? 

Gymshark Central Score: 9/10

Overall, we are super impressed with Oppo Good Temptation low-cal ice-creams! 

They’re super creamy and don’t taste low calorie at all! They come in at £4.99 a tub, which is a little steep but comes in about average compared to similar products out there. 

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Battle of the Low-Cal Ice-Cream. 

Which is your favourite flavour of Oppo ice-cream? Let us know in the comments below. 

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