Summer Essentials for Outdoor Workouts


Summer Essentials for Outdoor Workouts


When the sun finally shows its face, it's safe to say we (especially us Brits) want to make the most of it. 

Whether you're a dedicated gym-goer or a veteran of at home HIIT, take your workouts outdoors as the weather warms up with these essentials.

Ability T-Shirt
Ability T-Shirt


Hydration is key. 

Be prepared to sweat. Your body will lose a hell of a lot more water during a hot weather workout than in the gym, so make sure to keep a drink handy. 

It's recommended to drink a cup of water every 15 minutes to replace what you've lost.

If running is your thing, a hydration belt or hand held running bottle are pieces of kit to consider. 


Easily forgotten and often taken for granted, spending a lot of time in the sun can be damaging to your skin's health.

Staying in the shade proves difficult when you've got a tough 10k ahead of you. Use your SPF, always.

Fully Fused Pullover
Fully Fused Pullover


Wearing the right clothing is just as important as having a plan. 

You need something that's going to keep you cool and help your skin to breathe. Nothing itchy, too thick or distracting.

The Ability T-Shirt is made from a soft, polyester blend with sweat-wicking technology. Its raglan sleeve design means that you can move freely and easily.

Prefer something sleeveless? The Vertex Tank is ideal for summer workouts and is designed with your performance in mind.

Its perforated mesh back panelling provides much-needed ventilation for those hot and heavy training sessions.

Vertex Tank
Vertex Tank


Dehydration is no joke.

Listen to your body and don't over do it. We're huge advocates for pushing yourself, but be wary of when enough is enough.

If you feel any dizziness, headaches or fatigue, it's much smarter to stop than to take the risk.


Just because it's Summer, it doesn't mean you have to do your back garden HIIT session or your 5k route at the height of noon. 

Stay safe in the early mornings, or keep your favourite hoodie at arms length for those chillier Summer nights.

Throw on the Fully Fused Pullover at sunset or sundown. Crafted from a soft, lightweight cotton blend fabric it'll keep you the right amount of cosy during your cool down.


Feeling bored of your usual routine? Try something different. Changing things up is a foolproof way keep yourself motivated. 

If you normally opt for an afternoon run, try swimming at your local pool instead.

Let us know your favourite ways to keep fit in the Summer months!


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